Al Quds (GPA) – The Israelis spent this weekend destroying some more homes in East Jerusalem as tension continues to build before the big embassy move by the US.
Demolition of Palestinian residence in Al Quds
Image/Video: Abbas Hamideh

A video widely shared on Facebook this weekend shows a pair of Israeli backhoes demolishing a building that was primarily apartments occupied by Palestinians. This latest Israeli crime took place in the village of Al-Issawia, in Israeli occupied Al Quds (or East Jerusalem to the Zionists). As noted by the source of the video, Palestinian activist Abbas Hamideh, this village is the home of the activists Samer and Shireen Issawi whose home was demolished years ago and followed by years of harassment and detainment from the Zionist government.

The building also contained several Palestinian-owned businesses including a dry cleaner and a pizzeria. The owners of the pizzeria posted an image in the ruins of their building afterward, flying the Palestinian flag and vowing to carry on, saying: “You can demolish our building, but you can’t destroy our will and determination, we will rebuild.”

Image: Facebook – Abbas Hamideh

The owner of this building, however, will have to repay the Israeli government for the demolition. This is a regular policy in Palestine, with the Zionist entity charging sums over $40,000 just to demolish residential homes. The unfair pricetag Israel will place on a building that had multiple homes and businesses is likely to be even higher.

These kinds of crimes by the Israelis continue every day while multiple Arab leaders have chosen to side with Israel, seeking to combat Iran while throwing away the Palestinian cause. The most recent example of this disgusting behavior came from the ultimate snake, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who was quoted as saying the Palestinians should “accept Trump proposals or shut up.”

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The Israelis commit crimes every day, on top of being an illegitimate state, and now more than ever must be resisted. Palestine is growing restless and although some leaders may be jumping ship, Iran, Syria, and Lebanon’s Hezbollah also continue to resist Zionist aggression. The Zionists, Salafists, Wahhabis, and Western Imperialists are all gearing up to attempt to crush Palestine and confront Iran, but the Resistance won’t be caught off guard.


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