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[VIDEO] Yemeni Forces Destroy Saudi Military Vehicle

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Marib (GPA) – The following video released from Yemen’s military media depicts Yemen’s Popular Forces destroying a Saudi-backed military vehicle with a heat-seeking missile.

After the initial explosion you can see the Saudi-backed fighters running in fear. Most of the soldiers fighting on Saudi Arabia’s behalf in Yemen are not Yemeni at all. But most are from neighboring countries like Sudan and the U.A.E.; some are even privately hired mercenaries from Colombia and the United States.

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The Yemeni province of Marib had a busy week even aside from the video below. The United States conducted a air-dropped raid targeting al-Qaeda militants. Yemeni sources are reporting that 7 US soldiers died in the raid and up to 30 are injured; the Pentagon on the other hand has not released any figures that would support this statement. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the claim is false.

Saudi Arabia pounded Marib with airstrikes while Yemeni forces battled Saudi-backed forces on-the-ground.


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