By Damir Nazarov
Moscow (Contributor) – The U.S. administration labeled the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Secretary-General as “terrorist” and listed his name among “the wanted” on its blacklist of most wanted persons. It was not the first claim about PIJ. The American position biases to Israel and complicit in oppressing Palestinian resistance movement.

There are several versions of USA strong statements to PIJ at this moment:

The first version. The revenge for the Hamas.

People from movement war wing became the Hamas leadership. The new focus of the organization is a return to the camp of the axis of resistance. The US has to acknowledge that they lose the impact on the Hamas. Ankara in tandem with Doha was this impact. Erdogan distancing from the Hamas and Qatar problems were undevised “hit” against American plans about control the Hamas. Palestinian resistance leaderships wish Iranian diplomacy and elites fight inside the US deflected the direct impact Washington on the Hamas.

PIJ Emblem
Image: Wikipedia

Because of the Hamas cannot be hacked, the Palestinian Islamic Party cannot be isolated from Iran and Hezbollah, the Hamas and PIJ cannot fight, the US turns back to traditional power methods in point of the resistance movement.
US must start a new offensive and restart pressure to Palestine because of the defeat in the fight to the Hamas when there is PIJ.

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The second version. Opposition with Teheran:

The fact that PIJ is a close ally of Islamic Revolution of Iran from Palestinian resistance groups. PIJ ideology base on Grand Ayatollah Khomeini thesis, also PIJ and Iran have common goals and shared visions about the political situation in the region. Back in PIJ infancy as resistance organization, PIJ founder Fathi Shaqaqi wrote a book “Khomeini, The Islamic Solution, and the Alternative”. In this book, Shaqaqi called all Muslims following the example of Khomeini and using Islam. It was no secret that Shaqaqi and his friends created PIJ based on Islamic Revolution of Iran. Because of it, fight with PIJ will always be in priority for US and Israel. Latest claim to PIJ is powerlessness demonstration about armed resistance liquidation, but it hints that fight with Islamic Republic ally is not over.

The third version. The revenge for PIJ initiatives:

It is not secret that PIJ pursues an active domestic and external policy. PIJ renewed contacts between the Hamas and Teheran after Syria rupture and opened a dialogue between Gaza ruling party with Egypt government. PIJ remained guarantors of agreements of all above-mentioned sides.

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There is activity inside Palestine. IJ has the same weapons development as the Hamas. Israel understood this while wars in 2012 and 2014. PIJ plays the important role in any Palestine political process because of work with young people, agreement strategy generation inside Palestine and popular support.

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