Sana’a (GPA) – The U.S.-backed coalition continued carrying out their terrorism against Yemen last night when warplanes targeted a hotel near Sana’a.

Rescue teams are currently still digging through the rubble. So far at least 71 have lost their lives, with an additional 13 injured.

According to Yemen’s Army and Popular Committees, the attack was carried out by the United Arab Emirates which is part of the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen.

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Over 16 coalition warplanes belonging to both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates circled various areas of Sana’a and Saada targeting security checkpoints and civilian areas alike. Other airstrikes targeted homes, civilian structures, and farms. Their goal appears to create chaos which would pave the way for a ground offensive.

At the moment, several coalition warplanes are circling Hodeidah province preparing for more strikes.

Tens of thousands have died since the U.S.-backed coalition launched their war against Yemen in 2015. Saudi Arabia and their allies repeatedly target civilian infrastructure including homes, farms, schools, and shipyards.

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The siege has likely killed even more civilian than air strikes. Yemen imports nearly 80% of food so the blockade has triggered a borderline famine– especially in the country’s rural areas. Medical and cleaning supplies are also hard to come by which has directly caused a cholera outbreak.

This isn’t incidental, but rather part of the Saudi’s strategy to beat Yemen into submission by any means necessary.

Photos: Yemen Army and Popular Committees 


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