Donetsk (GPA– A high ranking member of Ukraine’s secret service (SBU) has defected to the Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR) and has already begun leaking documents.

Earlier this week, former head of the SBU encryption division, Lieutenant-Colonel Roman Labusov defected to Donetsk and says he “expose the criminal activity of Ukraine’s leadership.” Proving that this isn’t an empty threat, Labusov also let it be known that he didn’t defect alone, he also brought several thousand classified SBU documents.

Originally from Donetsk, Labusov worked for the SBU in the region before the war and following the start of the conflict was transferred to Mariupol in 2014. Labusov says he defected because he felt he was violating his oath to the Ukrainian people by serving a government that is killing them.

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Labusov felt the meaning of said oath has now been twisted by Kiev, saying that the oath now means “Ukrainian servicemen…have taken the oath kill Ukrainian citizens,” and asked, “Who are they if they do it?”

As far as those aforementioned documents go, it seems Labusov is already delivering on that promise; publishing four pieces of classified internal SBU communications today. These four documents already provide a glimpse into the potential value of what may come next from Labusov.

The first item published was information about the security detail to escort US Senators John McCain and Tom Cotton when they toured the front lines this past December. The second piece published was information on the case of a man who had been detained by the SBU in Mariupol and coerced into becoming an asset for Kiev to spread misinformation throughout Donbass.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Another document was an outline of concerns by Ukranian military personnel about behavior and crimes being committed the far right wing Aidar Battalion. The final document was concerned with weapons trafficking that has apparently become a problem within the ranks of the Ukrainian forces.

Labusov has already established a website where he says he will continue publishing these leaks.

Another implication made by Labusov is an extensive amount of information on the infamous Azov Battalion and their connections directly to leaders in Kiev. “In fact, representatives of the territorial battalions, in particular of Azov, are subordinated to Avakov in person [Arsen Avakov, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine – ed.], and even the president of Ukraine [Petro Poroshenko – ed.] is not their commander-in-chief. There emerged a situation when an SBU officer died at the hands of an Azov militant, he just got a bullet in the head. The case remained undisclosed,” he said.