(GPA) Damascus – The Syrian government has appealed to the United Nations to punish Israel for an alleged rocket attack on a major military airbase yesterday about two hours after a suicide bombing in Damascus.

Last night Damascus was hit by two atrocities, starting with the second terrorist attack in government held territory this year in the form of a suicide bombing that has killed at least 7 people. The bombing took place in the Kafr Sousa neighborhood, which is home to several high ranking ministers and security officials.

Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic Flickr: Israel Defense Forces

The second attack followed shortly after but this one was carried out by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) who struck a munitions depot on the Mezzah airbase outside of Damascus. While some media alleges that the attacks were the result of missiles fired from the Israeli occupied Golan Heights region, others claim it was a bombing carried out by IDF jets.

There is allegedly footage that shows Israeli jets violating Syrian airspace, so it’s unclear why most major western outlets are continuing to say the attack was a rocket strike. The most likely explanation is that even if Israel is guilty of the strike, western media will attempt to downplay how badly they violated international law. Israel has claimed to be “neutral” in the Syrian conflict but has repeatedly bombed several locations occupied by Syrian forces and their allies – primarily Hezbollah.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry followed up the attack by sending two letters to the United Nations today. According the the statements, “Israel’s role in the war of terrorists in Syria has been exposed,” and that “total lack of hesitation to carry out a terror attack recently obligates the international community and the security council to take immediate steps to punish Israeli aggression and prevent recurring attacks.”

The Syrian government probably knows that the chances of the UN Security Council passing a resolution against Israel are slim. The statement from their government basically said as much when it called out western countries and their allies, saying that “Israeli, French and American intelligence and (by) their agents in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and other countries that wanted to establish their control and hegemony in Syria.”

The Syrian government has promised further retaliation if attacks by Israel continue. The Syrian Arab Army High Command issued a warning directly to Israel last night following the bombing warning “Israel of repercussions for their flagrant attacks on our soil.”

Israel may say they’re neutral but it’s well known that they fear Hezbollah forces gaining combat experience in Syria and then turning that on them. Israel has previously targeted Hezbollah positions before in the name of “fighting terror” yet Hezbollah is actually fighting terrorists like al Qaeda and The Islamic State in Syria.



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