(GPA) Tehran – Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, has spoke out against the United States being involved in the Syria peace talks taking place in Astana Kazakhstan next week.

“We are opposed to US presence (in the Astana meeting)” Zarif told Iranian news outlet Tasnim on Tuesday. He added that not only is the US unwelcome, but also uninvited.

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani expressed the same sentiment in a later conference. Rouhani stated that certain countries would not be attending the talks because they played a destructive role throughout the war and can not be trusted to develop a peaceful resolution. “Some countries are not attending the talks, and their role was destructive. They were helping the terrorists,” he said.

Indeed, just a few weeks ago, US-backed “moderate” rebels poisoned the water for millions of people in Damascus. The Syrian Army have also allegedly found chemical weapons as they clear through areas of Aleppo recently liberated from “moderate” rebel control.

Recently leaked audio also proves that the United States allowed IS to grow and flourish in Syria in order to put pressure on the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah.

Russia and Turkey have already stated that they would like the United States present at the talks in Astana next week. Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said that since the incoming Trump administration has expressed cooperation with Russia– specifically in Syria– then they should rightfully have a seat at the peace talks.

syria peace talks
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Russia might be ready to cooperate with a fresh administration, but Iran isn’t buying it; and rightfully so. Trump might have claimed on the campaign trail that he would be warming ties with Russia, but his cabinet picks say the opposite. In fact two of his top picks (Mike Pomeo and James Mattis) identify Russia and Iran as top security threats. How can the Trump administration find any middle ground in Syria if they view Russia and Iran– two of the most influential powers responsible for brokering the peace talks– top threats to the United States?


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