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Daesh in The Sinai: Weekend of Attacks & Rockets Fired at Israel

Cairo (GPA– Following a weekend of Daesh attacks on Egyptian forces in the Sinai, the organization ended their weekend by firing missiles into southern Israel.

Thursday: 6 Egyptian Police Killed at Checkpoint

Terrorists, most likely members The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – Sinai Province, started the weekend off early with an attack on a northern Sinai checkpoint manned by Egyptian police. When the attack was all said and done, the death toll for Egyptian forces stood at six.

The attack took place outside the town of el-Arish and besides killing the six police officers, also left another four injured. There is currently no information on the specifics of how the attack was carried out, but it was most likely a traditional guerrilla ambush on a small grouping of Egyptian personnel.

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Sunday: 6 Checkpoints Attacked and 2 Rockets Fired at Israel

Sunday saw two attacks connected to Daesh militants in the Sinai, starting with an attack on several other checkpoints west of el-Arish in the Sheikh Zweid region, near the border with Israel. The attacks were near simultaneous on six different checkpoints, leaving 6 Egyptian soldiers dead.

Taba Border Crossing in the Sinai
Image: Wikimedia Commons

The attacks were carried out by militants armed with heavy machine guns and supported by mortar teams. The Egyptian forces called in Apache helicopters to push the militants back and pursued them into the desert. An army statement after the attacks said Egyptian authorities managed to kill 24 of the attackers and destroyed two SUVs.

Following the outpost attack came another attack, this time in the form of rockets launched from the Sinai which landed in the Eshkol Region of Israel, a region wedged between the borders of the Gaza Strip and the Sinai. This is the latest in a series of rocket attacks on Israel, some of which were launched from Gaza.

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These rocket attacks have not been carried out by the traditional Israeli boogeyman; Hamas, but instead, have been perpetrated by smaller Salafist cells affiliated with Daesh in the Sinai. Hamas has been attempting to crack down on the militants operating in Gaza, even attempting to arrest the perpetrators of the last rocket launch in August. These groups have

These groups have also become a problem for both Israel and Egypt, which are two countries that are notoriously comfortable with terrorists, as long as they further their interests.

The Sunday rocket launch is reportedly in response to a wave of arrests of suspected militants by both Israeli and Egyptian authorities.