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Did a Saudi Prince Flee to Iran?

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Tehran (GPA) – Two days ago, rumors began to circulate that one of King Fahd’s grandchildren may have escaped to Iran.

Following the initially-denied mysterious death of Saudi Prince, and youngest son of former King Fahd, Abdulaziz, several media outlets reported that once Saudi Royal may have seen this as a sign to flee the country.  The Prince accused of fleeing is the grandnephew of current the king, Salman, and the grandson of King Fahd, Prince Turki bin Mohamed.

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This news was first reported on Twitter by Israel Radio’s political correspondent on Arab affairs Simon Aran. In the first of a series of tweets, Aran informed his followers that according to his sources, “Prince Turki Bin Mohamed Bin Fahd a grandson of King Fahd arrived in Iran where he received political asylum.”

Aran went on to say that Tehran had informed Saudi Arabia, shortly after the prince’s alleged arrival, that they would not be returning him to Riyadh. According to Aran, this is because the Iranians seek to use Turki as a bargaining chip at a later date, although what the Saudis could possibly offer in exchange is incredibly unclear.

It is unclear how Turki would have glad the country with all royal air travel allegedly halted by Riyadh. However, we also don’t know for sure that Turki is detained with the other Saudi royals in the Riyadh Ritz Carlton despite being on the list of those who had warrants issued for their arrest over the weekend.

It is also hard to decipher precisely what is happening inside the hermit kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to the strict media censorship. As stated above, the kingdom did try to deny the death of Prince Abdulaziz initially and have yet to release an official statement on how he died.

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Due to these factors, there are only a handful of reports stating that Turki is in Iran. Iran has yet to confirm or deny this through any branches of their government, and it is highly unlikely Saudi Arabia would admit if this is true until Iran does.

Unfortunately, we can’t know anything for sure until at least one government discloses Turki’s location. Yet with the flood of news coming out about Saudi Arabia this will be one story to follow closely.

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