Sana’a (GPA) – In retaliation for the Saudi’s ongoing aggression against Yemen, Yemeni forces have targeted an Aramco Saudi oil refinery in Yanbu province with a long-range ballistic missile.

The Saudi-led coalition tend to order anywhere from 20 to 70 airstrikes against various Yemeni provinces on any given day. Any province under control of Yemen’s Popular Forces is fair game. Hot spots currently include Taiz, Marib, the vital Hodeidah port town, and the densely populated capital city of Sana’a. So in retaliation, Yemeni forces have struck a Saudi oil refinery.

Just yesterday, Saudi airstrikes attacked a fishing boat killing 8 workers on board and wounding at least one more. Other targets frequently include civilian homes, crowded markets, funerals, schools, and all other civilian infrastructure. Despite this terrorism, arms from the west– especially the United States and United Kingdom– continue flowing.

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Yemen’s Popular Forces have long been working on developing their own long-range ballistic missiles called the Borakn 2 aka “Volcano H-2” which has a range of nearly 900 miles. Yemen’s resistance has launched other long-range missiles at military targets deep inside Saudi Arabia before. In May, a Yemeni missile targeted Riyadh as a “welcome gift” for Donald Trump’s visit that same day. Yemeni forces have also successfully struck coalition fighter jets en route to drop bombs and several coalition warships. 

As long as the Saudi-led aggression continues to massacre innocent Yemenis, Yemen’s Popular Forces will likely continue to retaliate. While Saudi Arabia targets civilians, Yemeni forces only target military gatherings or high-value economic targets. This particular attack on the Saudi oil refinery was carried out at night as to avoid any civilian casualties.

In the past 850 days, Saudi Arabia has completely destroyed nearly all civilian infrastructure, massacred thousands of civilians, and triggered a cholera epidemic the likes of which the world has never seen.

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Photos credit Yemeni Military Media.



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