Sana’a (GPA) – Ibrahim, the six-year-old Yemeni child, holds his father’s body under the rubble all the night trying to wake him up. He refused to let anyone carry his father’s body away while people tried convincing him that he could be with him in the car but he just wants his father to speak back to him.

Sunday the 22nd of April 2018, a Saudi-led coalition warplane bombed a wedding in Bani Gaeis, Lahj govern in Yemen. 50 civilians were killed and injured. Targeting weddings, funerals, and any civilian gatherings are just one of the thousands of crimes committed by the Saudi-led coalition warplanes against civilians in Yemen.

Medics struggled to enter the scene due to warplanes hovering overhead. It’s common for the Saudi-led coalition to carry out what’s known as “double tap” airstrikes when they attack ambulances, rescuers, and media personnel entering the scene. This gruesome attack put the local hospital overcapacity as medics rushed to treat survivors.

Ibrahim is one of tens of thousands of Yemeni children who lost their families from the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes either targeting residential areas directly or as a result of the blockade. Imposed by the coalition, the blockade is the main reason for the shortage of medicine and food in the country which led to the spread of disease and famine.


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Hypocritical Western Media Provides Skewed Coverage of Yemen

These heartbreaking examples of the Saudi-led coalition’s war crimes against civilians in Yemen are still not enough to attract the attention of the hypocritically emotionally sensitive Western media to act morally, condemn such crimes, and motivate the world to stand against deliberately targeting against civilians in Yemen. On the contrary, the international press describes the war on Yemen as a war against “Houthis” and as a Saudi vs. Iran war.

Still, changing the name doesn’t change the entity. We are still indigenous Yemenis: it doesn’t matter what name they want to call us. Not to mention, what we see in Yemen are Saudi-led coalitions troops, warplanes, tanks, and so on, fighting Yemenis on the other side — only Yemenis — no matter what you like to call them.

In fact, these misleading names are intentionally created to blind people around the world from seeing the horrible war crimes committed by the Saudi-led coalition and their international bakers. If we look at the whole picture, these are not only the U.S.A., U.K., and France but the entirety of western countries including Canada, Brazil, and many other countries in the world. They are still selling weapons and ammunition to the Saudi-led coalition countries or supporting them politically in their aggression on Yemen.

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The International Community Participates in War Crimes Against Yemen

For over three years, the Saudi-led coalition has deliberately targeted residential areas, civilians facilities, infrastructure, refugee camps, food storages, and even hospitals repeatedly. The most causalities among civilians are from the Saudi-led coalition airstrike campaign according to the latest human rights report by the high commissioner of the HRC along with the blockade imposed by this coalition. This is the main reason for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen according to the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Unilateral Coercive Measures.

Three years and the Saudi-led coalition, with the help of their international bakers, are sabotaging any attempts to create any international commission of inquiry which would investigate into all war crimes committed in the war in Yemen. The blockade imposed by the coalition on all ports and airports of the country and banning the journalist to enter the country leave Yemen to become an isolated theater of crimes with no witnesses.

Despite the large number of facts and evidence of the inhuman, heartless crimes against Yemenis they are committed in the name of applying U.N resolutions and participation of the whole world in Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition.

Not only does the hypocritical international community swallow their tongues and look away, but they directly participate in killing Yemenis by providing the criminals with all means of support to conduct their crimes. Hundreds of billions of arms deals go to the countries of the aggression on Yemen in the last three years. Hundreds of billions are the price of the world’s values and morals, hundreds of billions of dirty dollars are the price to bury the international laws under the rubble in Bani Gais in Yemen. A lot of money to keep politicians promises to their voters and a lot of shame to this modern time we live in now.