Sana’a (GPA) – Yesterday Yemeni forces shot down a Saudi F-16 fighter jet en route to likely drop bombs over Sana’a. In retaliation for Yemen defending itself, Saudi Arabia later targeted a home in Sana’a; and subsequently murdered an entire family.

A mother and three children were killed after a Saudi airstrike has clearly very deliberately struck a home in Yemen’s capital city of Sana’a. The air strike appears to be a gruesome form of retaliation for the F-16 fighter jet Yemeni forces shot down yesterday. A jet– let’s not forget– that was likely on its way to drop bombs. So by shooting down this jet, Yemen was carrying out a very justifiable act of defense.

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This goes beyond a simple war crime; it is a blatant act of terrorism. And this act comes at a time when Saudi Arabia is pointing the finger at Qatar for a track record of supporting ‘terrorists’. We certainly shouldn’t let Qatar off the hook so easily. They have, after all, been very supportive of takfiri groups throughout Syria and elsewhere. Qatar also fully supported the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen. So let’s not deny Qatar’s complicit role in terrorism.

But for the Saudis, as they point the finger at Qatar and Iran, to commit such acts of terror themselves? Well, the hypocrisy would be laughable if the results weren’t so disturbing. Putting aside Saudi ties to groups like al-Qaeda and Deash (ISIS) for a second, one needs look no further than Yemen to see Saudi Arabia’s terrorism. Yemen has lived over 800 days of Saudi airstrikes. And at least for the past week, the Saudis have dropped dozens each day. Just last week airstrikes targeted a school, water project, gas station, and farm. Over 30,000 people have died and civilians– including women and children– are killed or have their homes destroyed each day.

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When you consider this along with the Saudi’s use of internationally banned chemical weapons and cluster bombs, inhumane blockade on food imports, and intolerant Wahhabi ideology, it’s hard not to at least question if the Saudi’s actions in Yemen are genocidal. Regardless, this is absolutely blatant terrorism. And world powers like the United States, UK, and their allies are all not only complicit– but supportive.




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