[PHOTOS] Yemen Leads World Resistance Against US-Saudi Terror Alliance

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Sana’a (GPA) – Yemen– the poorest country in the Arab world– is particularly at risk for the ongoing dangers posed by the US-Saudi alliance. Which (along with Israel) is directly responsible for nearly all terrorist-entities in the region. But even while Yemen is constantly under threat, they’re also setting example on how to resist.

Trump met with Saudi leaders over the weekend to discuss strengthening ties with the kingdom. This trip included finalizing a $110 billion arms sale as well as discussing formation of an “Arab NATO”. Which would essentially be used as a way for the US, Saudi Arabia, and their allies to further gang-up on countries like Iran, Syria, and Yemen that resist US imperialism and puppet regimes.

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Yemen’s Military Response

Well on Friday, Yemeni forces launched two “Burkan-2” ballistic missiles at a Riyadh military base. The move was intended to be a “welcome gift” for Trump’s arrival in Riyadh. Shortly after this, the Yemeni air force reported they had shot down a Saudi F15 fighter jet in the Najran region. Which was (like many more) likely on its way to carry out airstrikes and kill civilians in Yemen.

In fact Yemen was hit particularly hard with airstrikes all weekend from the Saudi coalition. Local sources report that the Saudis are still dropping internationally banned cluster bombs.

May 19th casualty report via YemenExtra

Despite the airstrikes, Yemeni forces successfully battled Saudi-backed fighters on the ground all weekend as well in areas such as Taiz, Mokha, Hajjah and more.

Filling the Streets

But Yemen isn’t just responding to the continued US-Saudi aggression militarily. On Saturday, tens of thousands took to the streets in Sana’a to protest the US-Saudi terror alliance and Trump’s visit to Riyadh in particular. Indeed, the rest of the world could learn a thing or two from Yemen’s ability to organize a protest.

The world knows Saudi Arabia is the world hub of human rights violations at home and abroad. But world powers still see no problem arming them to the teeth with weapons. Yemenis know that a good portion of arms sold to Saudi Arabia will be used directly against them. Demonstrations took place in other areas of Yemen over the weekend as well.

Yemenis also took to the streets over the weekend to demand the opening of the Sana’a International Airport. Marching from the UN headquarters to the airport. Tens of thousands of people have been infected with cholera over the past month. Hundreds have died and hospitals don’t have enough beds to hold everyone. With an air blockade, civilians cannot receive proper medical treatment.

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Diplomatic Resistance

Ansarullah spokesman Mohamed Abdel Salam announced Monday that Yemen would reject the UN envoy. Calling it “absurd” seeing as how the UN can’t seem to carry out any of its duties to protect the people of Yemen by addressing the country’s humanitarian disaster. While doing nothing to slow down the US-Saudi aggression against Yemen.

“Our long experience with the United Nations has proven that it is not able of doing anything but moving when asked by the Saudi-led coalition due to international pressures, attempting to persuade the world that a political negotiation is taking place,” he said as reported by YemenExtra.

Photos from the Saturday “No US-Saudi War Against Yemen” demonstration:

Credit: Fadhl Al-Mahdi Photography
Credit: Fadhl Al-Mahdi Photography
Credit: Fadhl Al-Mahdi Photography
Credit: Fadhl Al-Mahdi Photography
Credit: Fadhl Al-Mahdi Photography
Credit: Fadhl Al-Mahdi Photography


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