Kiev (DRN) – Julian Assange sees the bigger picture behind Americans hypocrisy and double-standards.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has sent a series of highly apposite Tweets regarding the recent right wing versus left wing protests in Charlottesville that have resulting in one death and multiple injuries.

In the above Tweet, Assange has juxtaposed a neo-Nazi torch march in Kiev with the far-right torch march in  Charlottesville. Apart from the torches, it is clear that the Ukrainian fascists were far more equipped for violence as they were wearing bullet-proof combat gear and facial coverings.

Apart from this, the Ukrainian neo-Nazis got scant political coverage in the western media in spite of the fact that their actions included overthrowing a legitimate government as recognized by the United Nations and the installation of a fascist regime which continues to wage a war of aggression on the peoples of Donbass. This war has included the use of chemical weapons on civilians.

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Beyond this, Ukraine is also a bigger nuclear disaster waiting to happen than North Korea. While Pyongyang has stated that its weapons are defensive, the nuclear power stations in Ukraine continue to violate multiple internationally recognized safety standards. The possibility of another Ukrainian nuclear disaster in the place where Chernobyl occurred in 1986 looms heavily over the region.

However, these facts get even less coverage in western mainstream media than the initial fascist coup in Kiev did in 2014.

By contrast, the American far-right is far from power and does not have anything close to a political program capable of putting together let alone overthrowing a government.

Assange continued by criticizing the power of identity politics as a dangerously divisive force which naturally leads to civil strife.

He then used his famously black humor to contrast how the United States actively funds and arms sectarian groups abroad in order to foment civil strife with the reality that in the US such things are entirely funded domestically.

While in Syria there were never any homegrown ‘moderate rebels’ but instead, gangs of foreign funded Wahhabi extremist terrorists, in the US there literally are moderate rebels whom many find distasteful but who are on the whole non-violent and largely irrelevant.

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If the US really cared about ending sectarian strife it should stop arming it abroad and encouraging it at home.

This post by Adam Garrie originally ran on The Duran.


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