Sana’a (GPA) – On Thursday, forces from a Houthi-controlled area in Yemen launched a Scud-type ballistic missile into Saudi Arabia. Western media was quick to support the Saudi-led narrative which claimed Houthi forces aimed the missile at the Holy City of Mecca.

Not only do Yemeni-sources reiterate that Mecca was most definitely not the intended target, but Saudi forces claim to have intercepted the missile over 40 miles away from the Holy City. And how did Saudi Arabia intercept that missile anyways?

On Friday, Yemeni army spokesman Brig. Gen. Sharaf Ghalib Luqman confirmed that the missile’s intended target was King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah– not Mecca as Saudi Arabia had misconstrued the narrative. He went on to say that the Saudi’s claim is part of a “media war to mislead the public opinion.”

Geopolitics Alert spoke to an anonymous source on the ground in Yemen who confirmed that the Saudi’s wording of how events took place is extremely misleading and thus being peddled by western media outlets. “The Yemeni army and Public congress forces confirmed it was fired from Yemen at Jeddah International airport (King Abdulaziz intl airport). Saudis played with names and terms used in this event. For example they said missile was fired at Makkah [Mecca] right? Also they said was intercepted 65km from Makkah [Mecca] didn’t they? Most media is misleading and people need to know what really is happening,” he told Geopolitics Alert.

Saudis claim the missile was intercepted and consequently disarmed by before it caused any damage. So how? Further investigation shows that in February of last year Lockheed Martin announced that Saudi Arabia would be purchasing a Thermal High Altitude Area Defense system.

CNN Arabic released a video supposedly showing Saudi forces intercepting the missile. However, the same video is actually from a THAAD test in South Korea at least 3 months ago. All reports state that Saudi Arabia intercepted the missile but do not give further details as to what equipment Saudi Arabia used to execute this. The entire emphasis has instead been placed on the Houthis as the media attempts to distract readers from the Saudi terrorism that has provoked Yemen’s resistance to react in this way.

As in most cases, the Saudis are reluctant to acknowledge their losses to Yemen’s resistance due to embarrassment.



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