turkish defense industry

US Threats Show Key Weakness in Turkish Defense Industry

Ankara (GPA) – The rising tensions between Ankara and Washington may freeze some big sales for the Turkish defense industry. The Turkish defense industry, which is heavily entangled within the structure of NATO, has run into some problems in the last few days. This all started after Washington placed sanctions on two Turkish ministers involved in the […]

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dprk sanctions violations china russia korea

UN Accuses China & Russia of DPRK of Sanctions Violations in New Report

Pyongyang (GPA) – A new UN report has accused multiple countries and the DPRK of sanctions violations. According to the United States, the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea (DPRK or North Korea) is violating United Nations Security Council (UNSC) restrictions concerning their nuclear testing and missile development programs. These accusations come from a six-month report released last […]

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maduro survives assassination attempt venezuela

Maduro Survives Assassination Attempt by New ‘Venezuelan Rebel Group’ [Videos]

Caracas (GPA) – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro survives assassination attempt claimed by a new “rebel” group known as the “National Movement of Soldiers in Shirts.” The attempt on the President’s life was made using multiple explosive-laden drones which crashed above Maduro during a speech on Saturday evening. The attempt came as Maduro was addressing members of the National Guard […]

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trump ties MEK iran

New Evidence Proves Trump Ties with MEK Terrorists [Documents]

Tehran (TNA) – The US Department of Justice has released some new documents, indicating close ties between ِDonald Trump’s inner circle and Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO or MEK), an anti-Iran terrorist group which was taken off the US’s terrorist organization list in 2009. The documents indicate that National Security Advisor John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor […]

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tsa spying passengers

‘Quiet Skies’: TSA Spying on Unsuspecting Air Passengers

Boston (TSN) – A Boston Globe expose has revealed that the federal air marshals are tracking the profiles of unsuspecting U.S. citizens who aren’t involved in a crime or are on a terrorist watch list and collecting extensive details on their movements and behavior under a new domestic surveillance program. The program, called “Quiet Skies,” specifically targets travelers […]

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isis daesh isis offensives isis checkpoints in libya

Islamic State Suspect in Detroit Pleads Not Guilty to Terror Charges

Washington D.C. (MEE) – On the day that US prosecutors had threatened to bare scathing evidence against the first suspected Islamic State (IS) group militant to be tried in the US, the defendant agreed to remain imprisoned pending trial, keeping a lid on the details of the case. Ibrahim Musaibli, an American citizen, made a […]

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mexico mexican nafta US protests

Mexico’s Case Against NAFTA: An Economic and Environmental Wrecking Ball

Mexico City (MPN) – If Trump were to be believed, Mexico somehow “won” with NAFTA. Yet, for some inexplicable reason, the country is still plagued by crime and full of people who risk leaving it for greener pastures. There has been a lot of talk by President Donald Trump over the past two years about the North […]

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US Turkey sanctions trump pence

Trump, Pence Threaten Turkey with ‘Large Sanctions’ if US Pastor not Released

Washington (TM) – The US administration is upping the pressure on Ankara over its detention and ongoing trial of Andrew Brunson, an American Christian pastor who stands accused of espionage and terrorism in Turkey, where he has resided for the past 23 years tending a small church in Izmir. “The United States will impose large sanctions on Turkey […]

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After The Failed Coup, After All The Lies, Nicaragua Rebuilds

Managua (TLS) – Despite everything, the government has committed to rebuilding Nicaragua, better than before, writes Tortilla Con Sal. Nicaragua is entering a new political phase of reconstruction in multiple senses, now the U.S.-backed right-wing coup attempt has failed. The political opposition has suffered another catastrophic failure. After months of intimidation and insecurity; savage violence […]

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military aid egypt sinai

US Unfreezes $195 Million in Military Aid to Egypt

Cairo (MEE) – The Trump administration has decided to unfreeze $195m in military aid to Egypt that it had previously withheld because of concerns over Egypt’s human rights record, a US State Department official said on Wednesday. The decision to allow Cairo to use the previously blocked funds is intended to recognize “steps Egypt has taken over […]

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