Thousands of Soldiers Leave the British Army as Morale Hits Historic Low

London (TFC) – More than 15,000 soldiers have quit the British Army last year due to declining morale within the ranks. Britain’s army shrinking is nothing new, however, this figure represents almost one-fifth of the just over 80,000 soldiers serving in the British Army leaving in the past year, and is thought to be the largest […]

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companies register in ireland

In Wake of Brexit, Over 100,000 U.K. Companies Register in Ireland

London (GPA) – Following the announcement last month by UK Prime Minister Theresa May that Britain would not be able to keep their preferential access to European Union markets, thousands of businesses have begun registering in Ireland to remain in the EU. Although the deadline for completing the process of leaving the EU is two […]

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U.K. Weapons Export Head Warned Ministers to Stop Sales to Saudis

London (GPA) – In the first day of testimony in the U.K.’s high court hearings on arms sales to Saudi Arabia, it’s been shown that many of Britain’s top civil servants warned the government to at least freeze sales. Today in England’s high court, emails were reviewed from civil servants such as the head of […]

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New Poll Shows 2/3 of Brits Want Leaders to Stop Arming Saudis

London (GPA) – Just days before a U.K. high court is set to review the country’s sales of weapons to Saudi Arabia, a new poll has shown that a majority of citizens oppose it. In a survey conducted over the last few days by British polling group Opinium, it was found that nearly sixty two […]

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Theresa May Decides to Help Further Prop up Erdogan

London (GPA) – As the United Kingdom prepares to move away from the European Union, it seems Theresa May is looking to another EU pariah state as a possible future economic partner. UK Prime Minister Theresa May met for the first time with Turkish President Recep Erdogan in Ankara this week. The meeting ended with […]

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US Embassies in London, Berlin Halt Visas for Dual Nationals of Banned States

(MEE) London, Berlin – The US embassies in London and Berlin have stopped issuing visas for ‘aliens’ from the 7 Muslim-majority countries subject to the ban. The US embassies in London and Berlin on Monday suspended all visa applications for “aliens” from Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, including dual nationals. A statement issued by […]

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U.K. Court: Brexit Will be Voted on by Parliament

(GPA) London – The British Supreme Court gave their decision this week on invoking Article 50 of the European Union charter, declaring that Brexit will have to be approved by Parliament. The U.K. government has lost their case in the Supreme Court by a vote of 8 to 3 which will now require Theresa May […]

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saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia Admits to Using UK-Supplied Cluster Bombs in Yemen

(GPA) Riyadh – One of the West’s key allies in the Middle East– Saudi Arabia– has admitted to what it calls “limited use” of UK-manufactured cluster bombs in Yemen. These types of munitions are banned under international law. When a cluster bomb explodes, it releases several smaller projectiles which allows the damage to spread to a larger […]

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US, British ‘Clean House’ to Delete Syria Terror Links

(SCF) US President Barack Obama has just given the Pentagon orders to assassinate commanders of the Al Nusra terror network in Syria. American media reports over the weekend say the new urgency arises from US intelligence fears that al Qaeda-affiliated groups are preparing to mount terror attacks against Western targets from strongholds in Syria. The purported US […]

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Will Brexit Die in the British Parliament?

(GPA) London – The U.K.’s highest court has ruled parliament must vote on the Brexit referendum, leading many to question if it will actually happen. Yesterday the U.K. High Court said in a ruling that any decision on Brexit must first pass through the Houses of Parliament. The decision was based on a rule in […]

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