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Venezuela: Petro Reaches $5 Billion in Pre-Sales

Caracas (teleSUR) – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said the Petro had strengthened the country’s international reserves. The Petro, the world’s first national cryptocurrency based on natural resources, has generated sales over five billion dollars during its pre-sale period and has recorded over 186,000 certified purchases. The sale of the Petro has also significantly strengthened the country’s foreign reserves amid increased international aggression. The announcement of the continued […]

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Trump Administration Planning Pinochet-type Coup in Venezuela

Caracas (SCF) – The retrograde Donald Trump administration is planning a military coup in Venezuela to oust the socialist government of President Nicolas Maduro. U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, speaking at the University of Texas prior to embarking on a multi-nation tour throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, said the military in Latin America has often […]

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Has Venezuela Really Banned Opposition Parties from Elections?

Caracas (VNA) – Venezuela has officially banned opposition parties from running in next year’s presidential election – at least, according to the Western media. The news is everywhere, and the headlines say it all: Venezuela presidential election: Nicolas Maduro’s government blocks opposition candidates from competing – The Independent 3 opposition parties in Venezuela blocked from elections – ABC News In […]

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Four Effects of the Blockade Against Venezuela

Caracas (VNA) – The financial blockade directly affects routine international payments for goods and services. 1. Funds were frozen for the import of insulin Ever since President Donald Trump’s imposition of US financial sanctions against Venezuela in August, the Venezuelan state has confronted various difficulties trying to import medicines and foodstuffs not produced domestically. The financial blockade directly […]

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PSUV Mayoral Candidate Shot in Miranda

Bogota (VNA) – United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) candidate Álvaro Ramón Hidalgo Ruda is in a critical condition after being shot six times. A mayoral candidate for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) is in a critical condition after being shot six times while driving his car Tuesday night. According to press reports, Álvaro Ramón Hidalgo Ruda, who […]

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US Calls Venezuela Global Threat at UN as EU Approves Arms Embargo

Caracas (VZA) – The US chaired an informal meeting at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Monday to discuss the situation in Venezuela despite a boycott from leading members such as China and Russia. “The crisis in Venezuela today poses a direct threat to international peace and security. Venezuela is an increasingly violent narco-state that threatens the region, […]

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Venezuela Reaches Deal with Russia on Debt Restructuring

Caracas (TeleSUR) – President Maduro: We have reached an agreement to refinance and restructure the debt with Russia. “We have complied with all our international commitments,” the Venezuelan leader recalled. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced this Sunday that the government had reached an agreement to refinance and restructure the Venezuelan debt with Russia. “We have reached an agreement […]

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Venezuela Arrests 11 for Alleged Oil Corruption

Puebla, MX (VNA) – Venezuelan authorities said Thursday they had arrested 11 people accused of corruption and sabotage against the country’s oil industry. Four of those arrested were officials from PDVSA subsidiary PetroPiar, who were accused of involvement in a scheme to purchase supplies at inflated prices. Some of the prices were inflated by as much as 10,000 […]

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Venezuela to End US Dollar-Denominated Oil Deals, Currency Exchanges

Puebla, MX (VNA) – The Venezuelan government moved this week to phase out the use of US dollars in oil deals and official currency exchanges. The Venezuelan government moved this week to phase out the use of US dollars in oil deals and official currency exchanges. President Nicolas Maduro’s government has ordered oil traders to use other international […]

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Rouhani Calls for Formation of Tehran-Caracas JEC

Tehran (TNA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said formation of a joint economic commission would greatly help expand Tehran-Caracas relations. “The establishment of a joint economic commission between the two countries is an important step to further strengthen mutual cooperation (between Iran and Venezuela),” Rouhani said in a meeting with his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolas Maduro in Kazakhstan’s capital […]