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Book Review: The Freedom – Shadows & Hallucinations in Occupied Iraq

If you want to get a feel for what life under US occupation in Iraq was like in 2003, The Freedom by Christian Parenti has you covered. The Freedom reads like a journal as Parenti documents his travels across the recently “liberated” war-torn country. [asa]1595580379[/asa] “Ah, the freedom. Look, we have the gas-line freedom, the looting freedom, the […]

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Book Review: The Syrian Jihad

(GPA) – The ongoing conflict in Syria can be extremely confusing and many find it nearly impossible to identify all the actors involved on the ground. If you find yourself in this group, The Syrian Jihad: Al-Qaeda, The Islamic State and the Evolution of an Insurgency by Charles R. Lister is a good place to […]

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Book Review: Arab Spring, Libyan Winter

If you want to learn more about the Arab Spring and its regional context from an alternative standpoint then Arab Spring, Libyan Winter by Vijay Prashad is your answer. [asa]1849351120[/asa] Prashad begins by explaining how uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt sparked a wave of grassroots protests throughout the Arab world including Yemen, Morocco, Bahrain, Syria, and […]



Want to expand your knowledge and understanding of current events? Check out some books we recommend. Disclaimer: not all of these books are inherently anti-imperialist. So some may contain material that conflicts with certain narratives on our website. We still consider these books to all be good reads at least as jumping-off points.     […]