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“Moderate” Rebels Attack Hospital in Aleppo

(GPA) Aleppo, Syria – “Moderate rebels” have attacked a hospital inside the government-controlled portion of Aleppo.

One Russian female medical worker has been killed and many more residents have been injured after rebel fighters fired mortar shells at the hospital– which was set up by the Russian military to take care of civilians inside the devastated city.

Russian Defense ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov believes the United States might have tipped-off rebels to the hospital’s location. This might not be such an exaggerated claim considering that western-run media has been essentially grieving the loss of rebel-held territory in Aleppo as Syrian Army forces regain control.

This specific hospital is only 2 km from the front-line and was set up by Russia to aid civilians fleeing from battlegrounds or rebel-held areas.

Public domain Flickr: Giyol Lee
Public domain Flickr: Giyol Lee

Randi Nord

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