Caracas (TN) – Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro demanded the United States to clarify the recent statement of CIA Director Mike Pompeo, suspecting Washington of intention to interfere with the affairs of the Latin American state.

Pompeo said last week he had visited Mexico and Bogota in early July, talking about Venezuela and possible actions “for a better outcome” of its political crisis.

“I demand the CIA director’s statement to be made sufficiently clear, and I demand from the government of President Trump, which considers itself a world government, to explain the insubstantial, interventional words of the CIA director,” Maduro said, Sputnik reported.

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Earlier in the day, the foreign ministries of Mexico and Colombia, accused by Caracas of involvement in such negotiations with the CIA, refuted the claims of Venezuela and said that they did not plan any actions against this country.

Venezuela will hold a voting on July 30 to elect the Constitutional Assembly, set to rewrite the constitution as a way out of the political turmoil, which started in January 2016, when a new legislature was elected and relations between Maduro and the parliament became strained.

Since early April, Venezuela saw mass protests after the decision of the Supreme Court to take over legislative powers from the opposition-controlled National Assembly. The top court reversed the ruling but the step did not stop the mass demonstrations.

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In May, Maduro announced his decision to call the National Constituent Assembly, which was regarded by the opposition as an attempted coup and resulted in further escalation of tensions that resulted in the deaths of about 100 people.

This post originally ran on Tasnim News Agency.


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