Donetsk (GPA) – The Ukrainian junta government in Kiev has violated a harvest time ceasefire multiple times in the past several days.

The western back coup government of Petro Poroshenko has violated ceasefire terms by firing in Donetsk 44 times in the last day. According to the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) armed forces command, somewhere around 13 township areas were targeted.

The attacks have been carried out by a variety of ground based weapons including artillery, mortars and tanks. Each incident of aggression on the part of the Ukrainian military is being recorded as a violation of a temporary ceasefire meant to protect civilians during the harvest season in Ukraine, which was agreed on by the parties involved in the Minsk negotiations.


Via DONi Donbass News Agency

The ceasefire was agreed to on June 21st, enacted on the 24th, and was supposed to last until August 31st. This has not been the case, as just in the last week, Ukrainian forces have fired at least 850 rounds into the DPR.

These actions by Kiev add to a total count of over 180 ceasefire violations since the ceasefire began. The 13 towns targeted in the last day are only part of a larger count of 27 hit. The Ukrainian barrages have managed to destroy upwards of 30 civilian homes.


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