John Kerry & Boris Johnson Host Meeting to Formulate ‘Economic Roadmap’ for Libya

The BM spokesperson also said BM forces are allowing any civilians still living in the densely populated al-Jiza al-Bahriya area to evacuate before they make their ‘final’ assault. Sirte – Some sources claim that this delay in completing the mission is politically motivated on the part of pro-GNA Misratan forces, to enable enough time for the GNA to gain official endorsement from the HoR and negotiate a settlement with Haftar before ISIS in Sirte is defeated and the Misratans have to decide their next move.

The meeting comes against the backdrop of growing tensions between the PC and the current governor of the CBL, Sadiq al-Kabir. In addition, on 29 October, the HoR announced it intends to replace Kabir, whose term in office officially expired one month ago, and the CBL board with a three-person team comprising one representative from each of Libya’s three regions, led by Mohammed al-Shukri from western Libya. On 31 October, some members of the House of Representatives (HoR), along with PC member Ali Gutrani, a hard-liner support of Haftar who has often boycotted the PC for its anti-Haftar stance, issued a statement condemning the London meeting.

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