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Israeli Doctors Conducted Medical Experiments on Missing Yemenite Children

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Tel Aviv (GPA) – New documents and doctor testimonies reveal that Israeli doctors conducted unauthorized medical experiments– some racially-charged– on missing Yemenite children. US medical institutions were also involved. Experiments included fatal protein treatments, DNA testing for African blood, and heart disease.

After the formation of Israel in 1948, Jewish families from different areas of the world decided to leave their homes and immigrate to the new Jewish state. A significant amount of Jewish families came from Yemen. These immigrants– many of them from Arab countries– spent a significant amount of time in “transit camps” as they waited for permanent homes.

The Yemenite Children Affair

While in these transit camps, thousands of Yemenite families report that their children went missing. Most stories involve the children being admitted for routine medical care and then supposedly dying shortly afterwords. At least, that’s how the official story goes.

However most parents never received a death certificate, saw the body, grave, or any other tangible evidence of the child’s death.  Furthermore, many of these families proceeded to receive draft notices for Israel’s mandatory conscription upon their deceased child’s 18th birthday. The entire incident is widely known as the “Yemenite Children Affair.”

Many families believe their children were kidnapped and adopted off to European Ashkenazi families living in Israel. But until now, little evidence has surfaced to justify the claim.

Since then, officials have maintained that the unorganized bureaucracy of the (then) newly formed Jewish state coupled with unsanitary conditions in the transit camps is to blame. Last year, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu made thousands of documents public in an effort to provide more transparency and ultimately closure to thousands of families. But new documents reveal that there’s still more to the Yemenite Children Affair than government officials would like to admit.

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New Evidence of Unauthorized Medical Experiments

Israeli news outlet Israel Hayom has now published an exclusive report including doctor testimonies and photos depicting the unthinkable: Israeli and US doctors carried out unauthorized experimental medical procedures on these missing children. The report confirms that at least 4 babies died as a direct result of these experiments.

In some photos, drawings on live children indicate they were used to teach anatomy. Doctors injected at least 4 babies with an experimental “dry protein” treatment which killed them.

The Knesset Special Committee on the Disappearance of Children from Yemen, the East and the Balkans met this week to discuss the findings. When confronted with this evidence Dr. George Mendel, the former head of the children’s hospital at Rosh Haayin in central Israel said, “I remember one or two cases in which Dr. Matot gave instructions to give an injection of dry protein that we would separate. Serum, dry plasma … and the results were not good.”

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Searching for “Black Blood”

Further evidence displays Israeli doctors carrying out DNA tests on the Yemenite children to determine if they had African blood:

“After I started working at Rambam, we moved to Kfar Shmaryahu. We rented a little house and one of the neighbors had an adopted daughter who didn’t look like them at all. She was dark-skinned and I was reminded I had seen that.

“We took blood and a blood count, etc. One time a doctor came who in London had carried out special testing on hemoglobin, Dr. Lyman, and found that everything was incorrect. Everything collapsed, and we had already told the Yemenites they had African blood!”

This incident begs at least two questions. The girl subjected to DNA testing was reportedly adopted. Many Yemenite families feared that their children where essentially abducted by doctors and given away to European Ashkenazi families. So where did this little girl come from and how many others shared her fate?

But it also begs the question of why Israeli doctors were testing the children for African blood in the first place? On one hand doctors state they wanted to determine if the children were prone to sickle cell anemia– a fair point. But when one takes racial elements into consideration (white European Ashkenazi Jews performing these acts on dark-skinned Arab or African Jews) it’s hard not to question a possible eugenics program to keep the newly formed Jewish state “pure” from undesirables. Further evidence exists of this today in Israel’s treatment of black or African Jews as second class citizens.

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US Doctors Studied Yemenite Hearts

Dr. George Mendel also testified under oath that the US National Institutes of Health paid an Israeli hospital 160,000 liras (the previous Israeli currency) to study the hearts of Yemenite children, babies, and adults:

“The study was intended to determine if and why there were no heart diseases in Yemen, for this purpose 60 hearts were provided from fetuses at 42 weeks up to age 42.”

Mendel stated that a US doctor also tipped him off to the Yemenites children’s possible African blood. Saying he thought they had the blood of “kushim”– a Hebrew racial slur for blacks.

The US Institute of Health has refused to provide any relevant information without a formal Freedom of Information (FOIA) request.

yemenite baby
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The testimonies chalk up the deaths and experiments not as intentional but as a simple mistake. Claiming the children’s assigned numbers got “mixed up” and they were given incorrect treatments. But a lawyer from the Knesset committee maintains that this wasn’t simple negligence and rather outright murder. The report from Israel Hayom concludes that the autopsies and experiments were performed without consent from the parents.


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