(GPA) Mosul – The Islamic State (IS) is losing more territory around Mosul each day. As the Shia militias aiding the Iraqi army clean up the area, they’re discovering what many suspected all along, the weapons IS were using to maintain their stronghold were supplied by some of the United States’ closest partners in the region.

Over the weekend, Uday al-Khaddran, leader of al-Hashed al-Shaabi militia stated that the former IS territory in Mosul was littered with Saudi weapons and that the most likely facilitator of transporting said weapons (along with loads of Toyota trucks) was most likely the Turkish government.

This newest accusation is hard to prove on its own, especially since it was issued by a non-government militia but it seems to add up when you consider the actual Iraqi security forces have said they have found Saudi weapons and supplies before in areas such as Tikrit. Khaddran also accused the Turks of sending military advisers and aiding IS by providing artillery support in order to bolster their positions.

Khaddran stated “Traders from Kuwait and UAE are facilitating the entry of thousands of Toyota vehicles to be used by the ISIS militants in their operations.” All of this would fall under speculation or propaganda (even releases from the Iraqi army) except for the newly leaked Clinton emails that stated gulf allies are supplying IS and other jihadi groups.

This isn’t so much news as it is more evidence for the case against having the wahhabi gulf nations as allies and regional partners. The Saudis are proven arms dealers for terror groups from Yemen, to Mesopotamia, and even as far as the borders of Pakistan; along with being war criminals in their own right. How many more atrocities will the Saudis need to carry out or aid before Americans demand their leaders make a genuine reevaluation of this partnership from hell.


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