ISIS Beheads a Family of Four in Libya; LNA Seeks Russian Support

In Sirte, the GNA-affiliated al-Bunyan al-Marsus (BM) fighters are slowly blasting their way through the remaining buildings in Sirte’s al-Jiza al-Bahriya district. This is the last ISIS enclave in the city and now reportedly consists of only a few dozen buildings. However, BM forces who are advancing house-by-house continue to suffer casualties and are impeded by booby traps and mines. ISIS has published reports  claiming it has killed large numbers of BM forces but this is likely to be propaganda to promote a perception of its resistance on the ground.

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US AFRICOM reported that on 22 November it conducted nine airstrikes against ISIS targets in Sirte. These latest strikes brings the total Operation Odyssey Lightning airstrikes to 420. Former CIA director James Woolsey has said that the president-elect is going to make the destruction of ISIS a priority, including in Libya.

On 26 November, the LNA defeated an ISIS assault against its forces in Abu Sneeb, an area in southern Benghazi. ISIS published photographs of its fighters in these clashes.

On 26 November, the ambassadors of the EU, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK all visited Tripoli to present their credentials to Fayez Serraj, Prime Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA). The same day, the US Special Envoy Jonathan Weiner (expected to be leaving soon with the outgoing administration) stressed the need to finance the GNA’s new Presidential Guard forces which he says will provide a critical difference to security in the capital.  Serraj also said that the meetings held in Rome last week, and before that in London, on Libya’s economic situation had still not produced a fruitful or functional relationship between the GNA and the Central Bank of Libya (CBL).

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