Tehran (DR) – Hamid Reza Moghadam Far, an official representing the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has stated that Iran plans on releasing new documents demonstrating that not only was the US systematic in the founding of ISIS but that the US continues to aid the Salafist terrorist group in spite of public statements coming from Washington.

By U.S. Army (http://archive.is/lNIJe) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
According to Hamid Reza Moghadam Far,

“These documents are planned to be released. It is necessary to mention that these documents are not written texts or some kind of contracts that could be published in a written form. This evidence is related to the aspects of battle actions. This means that the evidence show, in which locations [the United States] provided assistance to the IS. Weapons, supplies, logistical and medical assistance — all these point at this support.

The fact that the United States is behind the creation of the IS is more important. They cannot conceal this fact. But even today, when they state that ‘we have made a mistake, creating this organisation, and want to destroy it now,’ they are still telling lies and it could be proved by many documents”.

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Donald Trump stated during his campaign that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were the ‘co-founders of ISIS’. It is well known that the US has supported groups of ISIS fighters flying under various flags in Syria including, FSA, al-Nusra and NSA.

Further reports from Iran will be of interest to those questioning America’s support for Salafist terrorism across the Middle East.

This post originally ran on The Duran.