Tehran (GPA– With tension rising between Washington and Tehran, Iranian state media has reported a new class of missiles entering production.

This has been a busy week in the world of US-Iran relations, starting with the US certifying Iran’s compliance with nuclear agreements on Monday. Yet following the findings by the US on Monday, Washington decided to roll out a new set of sanctions against 18 Iranian companies and individuals on Tuesday.

When the sanctions were announced, the initial response from the Iranian Foreign Ministry was that the new rules were “contemptible and worthless”  and promised a response.

Now it seems that response has come, in the form of the unveiling of the new Sayyad 3 class missile. The new missile is reportedly capable of reaching altitudes of 16 miles and travelling a distance of up to 74 miles. The Sayyad 3 is designed to target planes, helicopters and potentially intercept cruise missiles.

The new weapon’s capabilities were explained by Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan, who also used the opportunity to call out the recent pandering to Saudi Arabia by the Trump regime. Dehghan said the new missiles were the sign of a new day in which the US and Saudi Arabia are “done with the goal of threatening Iran.”

“We recently witnessed an immense purchase that some countries in the region paid as a ransom to America and they intend to bring weapons into the region, and this purchase was done with the goal of threatening Islamic Iran” -Hossein Dehghan

The US has regime has yet to respond to the new missile, which was unveiled just hours ago. However US President Donald Trump did issue a statement on the White House website yesterday concerning US prisoners in Iran. The statement ended ominously with a warning that “President Trump is prepared to impose new and serious consequences on Iran unless all unjustly imprisoned American citizens are released and returned.”

Video Credit: Press TV


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