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ISIS Suspected to be Leaving Yarmouk as SAA Secures Area [Photos & Video]

Damascus (GPA) – The Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp near Damascus has nearly been cleared of the previously heavy Daesh presence. Today may a victory for both the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) as well as Palestinians in the diaspora who have seen the Yarmouk refugee camp mostly cleared of the Zionist proxy, Islamic State. This comes after Yarmouk […]

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Syrian Government Offers Arms to Palestinian Refugee Camp

Damascus (TeleSUR) – The Islamic State group has taken control of nearly the entire Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp on the outskirts of Damascus. The Syrian government announced Tuesday that it is offering arms support to the Palestinians in their fight against the Islamic State group in the Yarmouk refugee camp on the outskirts of Damascus. “The priority now […]

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