IS Takes Credit for New Year Attack but Turkish Gov Should Share Responsibility

(GPA) Istanbul – The Islamic State (IS) has taken credit for a nightclub shooting in Istanbul that has left 39 dead so far, and 69 injured. Around one hour into the new year a lone gunman entered the popular upper class Reina nightclub in Istanbul after shooting a security guard (possibly an off duty police […]

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Turkish Jet Reportedly Transferring ‘Rebels’ from Syria to Yemen

(GPA) Aden – Turkish planes landed in Yemen today to unload takfiri rebels from the recently liberated city of Aleppo and transport injured Saudi mercenaries back to Turkey for treatment. The Yemeni Security Forces are reporting that 150 “Daesh terrorists” arrived in Aden via a Turkish jet under the supervision of UAE forces who currently occupy […]

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7 Key Events That Changed the Geopolitical Landscape This Week

(GPA) Detroit – This has been a big week in world events and we here at Geopolitics Alert have covered a few major stories. Here are your key takeaways for the week of December 25th: Israel Reacts to the UNSC Settlement Decision. After the United Nations Security Council bite last week calling for a halt […]

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Russia and Turkey Reach Ceasefire Deal for Syria

(GPA) Ankara – Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed the signing of a formal ceasefire between Russia, Syria and multiple rebel groups fighting the Assad government. The ceasefire goes into effect tonight at 12 midnight local time and includes the Syrian government, Iranian and Russian forces as well as opposition groups that account for about […]

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Erdogan Says He Has Proof of US Aiding Terrorists in Syria

(GPA) Ankara – Turkish President Recep Erdogan said in a press conference yesterday that he has proof of the US aiding terrorists in Syria such as the Kurdish YPG and PYD but also including the Islamic State (IS). Erdogan said it was “very clear” that the US is arming and supporting “terrorist groups including Daesh (IS)” […]

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10,000 Social Media Users Targeted in Turkey’s Terrorism Probe

(teleSUR) Ankara – Turkey’s terrorism probe and authoritarian crackdown has only increased since the July coup attempt in the country. Since the coup attempt in July of this year, Turkey’s terrorism probe and crackdown on its citizens and President Tayyip Erdogan’s power-flexing continue on. In its latest clampdown, Turkey is set to investigate 10,000 people […]

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Islamic State Burns 2 Captured Turkish Soldiers Alive

(GPA) Ankara – The Islamic State (IS) released a video this week showing them burning two captured Turkish soldiers alive in order to “send a message” to Turkish President Recep Erdogan. In a manner similar to the execution of Jordanian pilot Muath Al-Kasasbeh, IS released a video yesterday of two Turkish soldiers being led to […]

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Breaking: Russian Ambassador to Turkey Assassinated

(GPA) Ankara – The Russian ambassador to Turkey was killed this morning in an Ankara museum after a gunman opened fire on several people. The ambassador Andrey Karlov was shot amongst a crowd of people just as he was preparing to deliver a talk on “Russia in the Eyes of Turks.” The attacker was photographed […]

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CIA Apologizes for Accusation of Turkey Buying ISIS Oil

(GPA) Ankara – CIA Apologizes for Accusation of Turkey Buying ISIS Oil In what is most likely a move to appease Turkey, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has issued an apology over accusations that the Turkish government was complicit in the smuggling and sale of Islamic State (IS) oil. The apology was issued this week […]

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Just After a Memo to Send Guns to Syria, Obama Now Sending More Special Forces

(GPA) Washington – Following the liberation of Aleppo by the Syrian military, president Obama first decided to send weapons to terrorist and now he is sending a new batch of US special forces to aid “rebel” groups. Just after the Syrian army freed the majority of East Aleppo, the Obama administration has made multiple moves […]

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