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Erdogan: “We Entered Syria to Topple Assad”

(GPA) Istanbul – Earlier today Turkish president Recep Erdogan told a crowd at the first meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Jerusalem Platform Symposium that Turkish troops were in Syria for the explicit reason of toppling Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. President Erdogan told the group of international parliamentary leaders that his country’s only intention in Syria was […]

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European Parliament Votes to Halt Talks on Turkey’s Membership in EU

(GPA) Strasbourg – The European Parliament held a symbolic vote on Thursday that called to freeze the process of accession of Turkey in to the European Union (EU). The vote is not binding but may be a good survey of EU member states’ feelings on continuing the negotiations.   Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from all […]

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Turkish PM Withdraws Bill to Allow Rapists to Marry Victims

(GPA) Ankara – After a bill was proposed to the Turkish parliament that would allow rapists to marry their victims to avoid imprisonment, the Turkish prime minister has withdrawn the proposal. The proposed bill has been withdrawn after massive protests in the streets of Turkey. The bill would’ve pardoned rapists even if their victims were […]

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Turkey Issues Travel Warnings to Citizens Going to US

(GPA) Ankara – The Turkish government has issued warnings to their citizens about traveling to the United States in light of the large anti-Trump protests. In what is most likely a move of political blustering, Turkey – NATO’s most crucial ally near the Middle East conflict zones – has issued a warning concerning travel to […]

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Geopolitics Alert Weekly | Everything You Need to Know

2016 US Presidential Election The FBI announced on Friday that they would be conducting a new investigation on Hillary Clinton’s emails in order to determine if the presidential candidate used a private server to send or receive material listed as “classified” during her tenure as Secretary of State. According to FBI director James Comey, new […]

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Turkey Blocks Internet for At Least 6 Million Users Following Protests

(GPA) Turkey has reportedly turned off internet access for at least 6 million people as a response to protests following the arrests of two elected mayors from the Kurdish town of Diyarbakir. “They have to be released immediately, our people won’t accept it and will use their democratic rights,” the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) said in a […]