Turkey Purges

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Turkey Violates Laws Prohibiting Arbitrary Arrest, Detention: US State Department

Ankara (SCFF) – The Turkish government has not always observed the requirements of the law that prohibit arbitrary arrest and detention and provide for the right of any person to challenge the lawfulness of arrest or detention in court, said a report released by the US State Department. The State Department released its 64-page Turkey 2017 Human Rights Report on Friday, according […]

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How Turkey Uses Kidnapping and Hostage Negotiations As Diplomacy

Ankara (MPN) – Most U.S. allies would likely understand that, as a member of NATO, every nation is subject to the will of the U.S. Yet Erdogan is not your average U.S. ally and, instead of pleading to deaf ears in Washington, he has decided to take his purge global and use every method available […]

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US Pastor Held by Turkey Charged with Supporting Terror, Faces 35 Years

Ankara (GPA) – Pastor Andrew Brunson, a US national in Turkish custody since October 2016, has officially been charged with “supporting terrorism” and faces 35 years. In September of last year, we first published a story about Andrew Brunson, a US national who has dedicated 23 years to Christian missionary work in Turkey. Brunson, who was initially […]

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UN Calls on Turkey to End State of Emergency, Torture, Purging Civil Servants

Ankara (TP) – The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on Tuesday called on the Turkish government to promptly end an ongoing state of emergency, torture and passport cancellation as well as a ban imposed on dismissed public servants from rejoining the civil service. In a 28-page report issued on Tuesday the OHCHR called on […]

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How The Turkish Military Lost Power by Trying to Keep it

Ankara (GPA) – For the first time in the history of Turkey, it appears the military is actually accountable to the civilian government, in large part as a result of the old guard’s own decisions. These past several months have seen US-Turkish relations hit an all-time low as Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s ever-growing power continues to run up against […]

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Turkey Crackdown Continues, Warrants Issued for 35 Journalists

Ankara (GPA) – It’s been over a year since a failed coup led to massive purges, but the Turkey crackdown is still going and being almost completely ignored by the west. Arrest warrants were issued earlier today for 35 Turkish journalists that Ankara accuses of belonging to the FETO movement, led by exiled cleric Fetah Gulen. So […]

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