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ISIS Appears to be Regrouping in Sirte, Libya

ISIS IN ACTION On 3 November, Zarouk Asuiti, the head of the activation committee of security services in Sirte, stated he has received information suggesting ISIS is regrouping in the valleys south of the city. The Libyan Air Force are said to be flying Mi-35 helicopters over Nawfaliyah-Bin Jawad area following reports of ISIS activity […]

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Excluding Iraq From the Travel Ban Proves it was Never About “Terrorism”

Washington DC (GPA) Donald Trump is expected to reveal his new executive order on immigration today. The birthplace of ISIS– Iraq– is expected to be removed from the list. This makes true intentions behind the travel ban ever more clear: it was never about religion or terrorism, it’s only about power. All Countries on the List Have Muslim-Majority, But Not […]

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