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CIA’s Updated Rebel Program Involves Spies and Trickle-Down Training

A revamped program for training Syrian “rebels” involves informants and even less oversight. In October– around the same time Russia stepped-in on behalf of the Syrian government– the US decided to end the current train and equip program for Syrian rebels. Through this program, the US planned to train about 5,000 rebels each year by […]

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If Israel didn’t Assassinate Hezbollah Leader, Who Did? – Geopolitics Alert 05-18-16

(GPA) – After initial reports of Israel being responsible for the targeted assassination of a major Hezbollah leader; conflicting reports emerge of how Mustafa Badreddin actually met his end.   Initial reports over the weekend claim Israeli Air Force behind the assassination of Hezbollah commander. The first reports on the death of Mustafa Badreddine claimed that that […]

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May 15: Your Key Take-Aways for This Week From Geopolitics Alert

Here are your world news key take-aways for the week:   From Tunisia to Somalia, the United States increased its influence and military support throughout North Eastern Africa this week. Washington is trying to draft up a plan to supply the new UN-backed government in Libya with arms. The embargo on arms and assets has been […]

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After Promising Elections; “Tyrant” Assad Offers Amnesty To Rebels

Damascus, Syria (TFC) – It may be hard for many consumers of Western media to remember the original reasons for the Syrian civil war but those who have been paying attention remember the conflict was originally started as an effort to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in a manner similar to Libya. After being billed […]

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Turkey Defies US, Risks Global Isolation by Attacking Syria

Ankara, Turkey (TFC) – As negotiations between the major state actors in the Syrian conflict continue without a solid solution; Turkey has used the confusion on the ground to continue military actions to gain territory. The targets include both US and Russian allies – the two leading nations in the Syrian negotiations – leaving Turkey in an […]

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