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russia passes bill that will label us media as foreign agents

Russia Passes Bill That Will Label US Media as ‘Foreign Agents’

Moscow (GPA) – The new laws would allow the Kremlin to apply the label to US media companies operating in Russia. Russia’s Duma (the lower house of parliament) unanimously voted in favor of the measure. The proposal was drafted as a response to the US crackdown on Russian broadcaster RT which forced the network to […]

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Censorship of RT and Sputnik Shows US Hypocrisy on ‘Subversion’

Washington (GPA) – Western media is cheering about the recent attacks on RT and Sputnik by the US government and corporations, but one thing they fail to mention is the extent of the US operations doing the exact same thing overseas. In just over the past month and a half, the US has witnessed, yet another, significant uptick in the […]

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