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Eleven Saudi Princes Arrested for Protesting Utility Costs

Riyadh (GPA) – A protest at a royal palace in Riyadh late last week has ended with eleven Saudi princes arrested. The privatization of the Saudi economy is continuing to affect more layers of society that the government has previously kept compliant with massive subsidies, resulting in another sign of the fracturing upper and middle classes in the […]

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Saudi Prince Miteb and Brother Released After Three Weeks in Detention

Riyadh (MEE) – Son of late King Abdullah, once considered a future crown prince, is one of highest profile royals targeted by Mohammed bin Salman’s purge. Two senior Saudi princes have been released after more than three weeks in detention as part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s elite purge, according to sources. Saudi Prince Miteb bin Abdullah, […]

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Saudi Dignitary’s Travel to Israel Sparks Speculation

Tel Aviv (MEE) – An ‘emir of the Saudi royal court’ visited Israel, according to a Voice of Israel radio report. An unidentified Saudi dignitary travelled to Israel recently, Arab and Israeli media speculated, even though the country does not share formal diplomatic relations with Israel. Local media reports said the Gulf official went to Israel to discuss […]

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