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Drain the Swamp? Two of Trump’s Top Picks Label Russia as ‘Major Threat’

(GPA) Washington – Today, in a move that shouldn’t surprise anyone paying attention, two of President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet picks continued the American military and intelligence tradition of labeling Russia among the top threats to The United States. In hearings on Capitol Hill today, critical opinions on US Russian relations were voiced by both Mike […]

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US Special Forces Moved to Lithuania to ‘Combat Russian Aggression’

(GPA) Vilnius – The New York Times reported on Sunday that US special forces have been deployed in a number of Baltic states in order to ‘counter possible Russian aggression’ and ‘shadowy efforts’ by Moscow to destabilize the region. This announcement comes amid a tour of Eastern Europe by several prominent US politicians, led by […]

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Breaking: Russian Ambassador to Turkey Assassinated

(GPA) Ankara – The Russian ambassador to Turkey was killed this morning in an Ankara museum after a gunman opened fire on several people. The ambassador Andrey Karlov was shot amongst a crowd of people just as he was preparing to deliver a talk on “Russia in the Eyes of Turks.” The attacker was photographed […]

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The Coming Fracture of Saudi Arabia

(SCF) Riyadh – The Bible’s book of Galatians, VI teaches, «as you sow, so shall you reap». And for Saudi Arabia, which has overtly and covertly supported rebellions in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Ethiopia, Philippines, and Lebanon that have led to civil wars and inter-religious strife, the day of reckoning may soon be at hand. The […]

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Erdogan’s AK Party Seeks to Empower President, Eliminate PM

(GPA) Ankara – Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) has proposed a bill in parliament to further expand the power of his office while possible eliminating the Prime Ministry. The ruling AK Party in Turkey has put a bill in to committee that would further expand the powers of the office of President while […]

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heckler & koch

Heckler & Koch Will Stop Arming ‘Undemocratic and Corrupt’ Countries

(GPA) Oberndorf, Germany – German arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch has announced they’ll no longer be supplying weapons to countries they deem “undemocratic and corrupt,” many of the countries that fit this criteria are US allies. The primary countries who will lose access to the variety of pistols, rifles and submachine guns produced by the […]

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European Parliament Votes to Halt Talks on Turkey’s Membership in EU

(GPA) Strasbourg – The European Parliament held a symbolic vote on Thursday that called to freeze the process of accession of Turkey in to the European Union (EU). The vote is not binding but may be a good survey of EU member states’ feelings on continuing the negotiations.   Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from all […]

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Turkey Issues Travel Warnings to Citizens Going to US

(GPA) Ankara – The Turkish government has issued warnings to their citizens about traveling to the United States in light of the large anti-Trump protests. In what is most likely a move of political blustering, Turkey – NATO’s most crucial ally near the Middle East conflict zones – has issued a warning concerning travel to […]

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Russian Ships ‘Chase Off’ Dutch Submarine in Mediterranean

(GPA) Syria – The Russian battle group operating near the Syrian port of Latakia claims to have chased a Dutch observation submarine away earlier today. The Dutch military has said in a statement they have no comment on the alleged incident except one Defense Minister who said it was unwise “to go along with the […]

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Amnesty Report: US Coalition Guilty of War Crimes in Syria

(GPA) London – Amnesty International (AI) has released a new report that studied a handful of airstrikes carried out by the US led coalition in Syria. The report painted a picture of coalition strikes similar to the the accusation that western media has been leveling at Russia and Syria in the past year. Full investigations […]

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