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russian meddling and fake news

Theresa May “Takes on Russian Meddling and Fake News”

London (GPA) – In a significant foreign policy speech last night, UK Prime Minister Theresa May decided to use the opportunity to continue peddling lies about Russia. Last night, at the lord mayor’s banquet, Theresa May delivered the latest anti-Russian screed that seems to flow regularly from western nations now. Much like other western leaders, […]

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Thousands of Soldiers Leave the British Army as Morale Hits Historic Low

London (TFC) – More than 15,000 soldiers have quit the British Army last year due to declining morale within the ranks. Britain’s army shrinking is nothing new, however, this figure represents almost one-fifth of the just over 80,000 soldiers serving in the British Army leaving in the past year, and is thought to be the largest […]

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US Embassies in London, Berlin Halt Visas for Dual Nationals of Banned States

(MEE) London, Berlin – The US embassies in London and Berlin have stopped issuing visas for ‘aliens’ from the 7 Muslim-majority countries subject to the ban. The US embassies in London and Berlin on Monday suspended all visa applications for “aliens” from Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, including dual nationals. A statement issued by […]

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