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Liberation of Mosul

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Mosul VS Aleppo: US Bombs ‘good’, Russian Bombs ‘bad’; ISIS ‘bad’, Al-Qaeda ‘good’

Washington D.C. (TD) – The West’s selective indignation concerning Syrian and Russian conduct of the battle of Aleppo, in contrast to Iraqi and US conduct of the battle of Mosul, is not an only an offence against reason and truth. It also excuses Al-Qaeda, which was as responsible for the suffering in Aleppo as ISIS […]

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Mosul Liberated, What Next?

Mosul (SCF) – On July 9, Mosul was declared liberated from the Islamic State (IS). Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived in the city to announce the mission’s success. After nine months of fierce and grueling fighting and human suffering, the terrorists lost the city, which has been their stronghold for the last three years. Around 915,000 residents […]

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Civilians Lack Food, Water, Medicine as Mosul Battle Mounts: UN

Mosul (Tasnim) –  Tens of thousands of civilians in parts of Mosul held by Daesh (also known as ISIL or ISIS) are struggling to get food, water and medicine, the United Nations said, days into a new push by Iraqi government troops to take the northern city. Up to 200,000 people still live behind Daesh lines […]

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Islamic State Prepares Last Stand in Mosul as Iraqi Troops Liberate More Residential Areas

Mosul (AMN) – Given the current rate of advance, the battle for Mosul is expected to be over within a couple of weeks, culminating in an excruciating defeat for the Islamic State. On Monday, the Iraqi Army was able to impose full control over the Najjar neighborhood and wipe out a couple of ISIS sniper nests on the […]

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Media Ignores US and Allies’ Use of Chemical Weapons

Mosul (GPA) – Accusing an entity of using chemical weapons is a serious charge. Using chemical weapons on enemy troops and civilian populations is certainly a war crime deserving of punishment. So why aren’t the US government and their allies held accountable in the same way the Syrian government is? The international community rushed to blame […]

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Report: US Killed More Syrians than IS or Russia in March

Damascus (GPA) – A report released this month by the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) estimates that the civilian deaths by the US coalition surpass those from both ISIS and Russia. The U.K. based, anti-Assad and anti-Russian SNHR released a report earlier this month showing that the U.S. caused the majority of civilian deaths […]

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Russia: US Covering Up Daesh Crimes in Iraq’s Mosul

Mosul (Tasnim) – Russia has accused Washington of concealing crimes committed by the Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) Takfiri terrorist group in the Iraqi city of Mosul, where a US airstrike last month killed hundreds of civilians. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov made the accusation on Sunday, days after US military spokesman Joseph Scrocca said […]

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Western Media Silent as US Airstrikes Kill 200+ in Mosul

Baghdad (GPA) – While the members of the US led coalition against Islamic State (IS) met to discuss the success of the operation to retake Mosul, they left out one thing: the incredible number of civilian casualties caused by US bombs. According to Kurdish news outlet Rudaw, the US coalition bombed several houses where civilians […]

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With Syria in the Headlines, US Able to Down-Play Devastation in Mosul

(GPA) Mosul – With Syria making headlines at nearly every news outlet for at least the past month, it is easy to forget that across the border in Iraq a devastating battle to retake Mosul– backed by the United States– wages on. Yesterday, the United States military announced that they plan to immediately double the number […]

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Desperate and Losing Ground, IS Claims Multiple Bombings in Baghdad

(GPA) Baghdad – As the Islamic State (IS) is losing the battle for Mosul in Iraq and more territory in Syria the group has seemingly reverted to more traditional acts of terror, most likely out of desperation. Since mid-October, the operation to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul by American special forces, Iraqi military, and […]

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