Turkey Blocks Internet for At Least 6 Million Users Following Protests

(GPA) Turkey has reportedly turned off internet access for at least 6 million people as a response to protests following the arrests of two elected mayors from the Kurdish town of Diyarbakir. “They have to be released immediately, our people won’t accept it and will use their democratic rights,” the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) said in a […]

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Geopolitics Alert Weekly | Everything You Need to Know

Offensive to Liberate Mosul US-coalition (Turkish, Kurdish, Iraqi, and US) troops launched the long-awaited offensive to liberate the Iraqi city of Mosul, which has been under IS control since 2014. The Kurds are currently faced with not just a resistance but full blown military attack. Just south of Mosul, IS launched an offensive in the […]

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Turks Continue to Bomb Kurds Fighting to Liberate Aleppo

(GPA) Aleppo – Once again, NATO member state Turkey has been using joint campaigns against the Islamic State (IS) to pursue their own objectives against Kurdish militias also fighting the terrorist organization. In recent weeks Kurdish militias have managed to secure a chain of villages north of Aleppo in the fight to remove IS from […]

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The Significance of the Mosul Offensive

(GPA) Mosul, Iraq  The current offensive to liberate Mosul is somewhat of a climax for Iraq– it’s the last IS stronghold in the country and lots of different forces are involved with very different intentions. Here’s why the Mosul offensive is so significant for the future of Iraq and the region. Mosul is exactly how IS […]

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The Kurds Being Sold Out by The U.S. Isn’t Shocking If You’ve Paid Attention

(GPA) – With Turkey’s incursion (or invasion) of Syria this week; Kurdish fighters have been ordered to stand down. Some in the West are disappointed by this turn of events but historically it’s just another instance of the Kurds being used as a political prop by U.S. when it’s to their advantage. Since the escalation […]

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