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Africa Libya

US has Launched at Least 48 Airstrikes in Libya Since August 1st

ISIS IN ACTION The Misratan-led Bunyan Marsus coalition made great gains against ISIS in Sirte, pushing ISIS out of its stronghold in Ouagadougu Centre, Ibn Sina Hospital and Sirte University on 11 August. All three buildings were bastions of ISIS rule in the city, and the group’s downfall represents a significant degradation of its presence […]

Middle East Syria

Syria: More Than 2,000 IS Group Hostages Freed from Manbij

Syria (teleSUR) – U.S.-backed forces recaptured the Syrian city of Manbij on Friday, where civilians had been held as human shields by the Islamic State group. Allied Arab and Kurdish fighters seized full control on Friday of the northern Syrian city of Manbij near the Turkish border, freeing more than 2,000 hostages, who had been used as human […]

Africa Libya

US Airstrikes Polarize Opinion on Ground in Libya

ISIS IN ACTION Two major pronouncements were made this week. 1. Misratan forces continued their protracted advance into Sirte as battles supposedly moved into what Banyan Marsus is calling their ‘final stages’. 2. Simultaneously as the fight against ISIS has become less popular for some militia men in Tripoli, non-ISIS jihadis such as the grand […]

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Africa Libya

US Begins Air-Strikes Against ISIS in Libya This Week

ISIS IN ACTION After fierce fighting on 28-30 July, the Misratan-led Bunyan Marsus coalition took full control of the Hay Dollar area in Sirte.  Bunyan Marsus forces seized an artillery ammunition cache in the area, and are currently fortifying their positions there. Fighting against ISIS continued in the Qusoor Al Diyafa area near Ouagadougou Centre, […]

Africa Libya

Are Anti-ISIS Forces in Libya any Match for ISIS’ Guerrilla-Style Warfare?

ISIS IN ACTION Sirte’s port remains under the control of Bunyan Marsus, but clashes with ISIS continue to take place around the port’s western perimeter. Libyan naval vessels continue to blockade the port, while local sources also report the presence of foreign naval frigates. Fighting this week focused on the ISIS stronghold in the Ouagadougou […]

Middle East NATO

The Risky Business of Being a US Ally

(NEO) It’s hardly a secret that the hardships of common people are getting worse by the year. Due to continuous attempts by Washington to redraw the map of the world, in many countries, American intelligence agencies have been particularly active in launching so-called “color revolutions” and staging military conflicts, bringing bitter hunger and poverty upon […]

Africa Libya

Leak Reveals Western Support for Opposition in Libya

ISIS IN ACTION In Sirte, the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) Bunyan Marsus coalition continues to advance pinning ISIS into an ever smaller part of the city — tightening the noose around ISIS militants holed up in its central areas. Sirte’s port remains under the control of Bunyan Marsus, but clashes with ISIS continue to take […]

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Podcast: 6-30-16 The Rise And Current Conditions of the Islamic State in Libya w/Guest Jason Pack

On this episode of the Geopolitics Alert podcast, hosts Randi and Jim sit down with Middle East researcher Jason Pack to discuss current affairs in Libya including his analysis of the Islamic State presence in the country. Jason is the founder of the site Eye on ISIS in Libya and also runs his own personal analysis blog, Libya […]

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New Wave of Mass Migration Sparked as Over 82,000 Flee Fallujah

As the Iraqi army struggles to regain control of Fallujah, a humanitarian crisis unfolds. (GPA) 30,000 citizens fled Fallujah this weekend alone. That’s over 82,000 since the Iraqi army launched an offensive on the city about a month ago. Makeshift camps have been set up as Iraqi authorities struggle to to find resources to accommodate displaced […]