US Dividing Iraq From Syria with Border Air Strikes Against IS

al-Qaim – (MEE) Coalition air strikes are taking a toll on IS in the desert region between Iraq and Syria, but also killing civilian farmers and nomads. The United States has recently been targeting Islamic State militants in the desert region on the Iraq-Syria border in an effort to re-separate the two countries. The campaign has […]

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Gen. Haftar of Libyan National Army Meets With Russian Defense Minister

ISIS IN ACTION On 10 January, the Benghazi Shura Revolutionary Council (BRSC) said that the Islamic State (ISIS) breakout from the besieged Benghazi areas of Sabri and Ganfuda on 5 January caused ‘some’ disarray in their ranks, calling the ISIS withdrawal a ‘betrayal’. The BRSC and their supporters are facing a growing scandal over their […]

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ISIS Flees Mosul, Leaves Behind Saudi And Turkish Weapons

(GPA) Mosul – The Islamic State (IS) is losing more territory around Mosul each day. As the Shia militias aiding the Iraqi army clean up the area, they’re discovering what many suspected all along, the weapons IS were using to maintain their stronghold were supplied by some of the United States’ closest partners in the […]

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The Significance of the Mosul Offensive

(GPA) Mosul, Iraq  The current offensive to liberate Mosul is somewhat of a climax for Iraq– it’s the last IS stronghold in the country and lots of different forces are involved with very different intentions. Here’s why the Mosul offensive is so significant for the future of Iraq and the region. Mosul is exactly how IS […]

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End of Ramadan Sees String of Attacks From Africa to South East Asia

As Ramadan draws to a close today, radical Jihadists throughout the Middle East launched a string of attacks over the weekend. Although the Gulf seemed to be hit hardest, attacks reached South East Asia as well. Let’s break down some of the attacks and who they were attributed to. Baghdad, Iraq IS has claimed responsibility […]

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Podcast: 6-30-16 The Rise And Current Conditions of the Islamic State in Libya w/Guest Jason Pack

On this episode of the Geopolitics Alert podcast, hosts Randi and Jim sit down with Middle East researcher Jason Pack to discuss current affairs in Libya including his analysis of the Islamic State presence in the country. Jason is the founder of the site Eye on ISIS in Libya and also runs his own personal analysis blog, Libya […]

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Despite Iraqi Victories Near Fallujah, A Potential Mosul Offensive Suffers Major Delays.

(GPA) – In the past several days the Iraqi military has made several strategic gains against the Islamic State (IS) in regions of the city of Fallujah. These are great P.R. victories for the Iraqi army yet a similar offensive, planned for another major IS stronghold in Mosul looks as if it will be delayed. The […]

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Making Sense of The African War on Terror – Geopolitics Alert 05-14-16

(GPA) – In this episode of the Geopolitics Alert podcast hosts Randi and Jim discuss the growing role of The United States and their allies in combating the growing threats of terrorism in North and East Africa. US and UN seek to lift arms embargo on Libya to supply government in fight against the Islamic State. […]

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