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With Syria in the Headlines, US Able to Down-Play Devastation in Mosul

(GPA) Mosul – With Syria making headlines at nearly every news outlet for at least the past month, it is easy to forget that across the border in Iraq a devastating battle to retake Mosul– backed by the United States– wages on. Yesterday, the United States military announced that they plan to immediately double the number […]

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Iraqi VP: Saudis Responsible for Terrorism, Iran is True Ally

(GPA) Tehran – In a recent meeting with Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior adviser to the Iranian ayatollah, Iraqi Vice President and former Prime Minister Nouri al-Malaki thanked Iran for their assistance in fighting jihadists and criticized the Gulf States for colluding with these groups. Maliki praised the Islamic Republic of Iran during a visit […]

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us aiding terrorists

Desperate and Losing Ground, IS Claims Multiple Bombings in Baghdad

(GPA) Baghdad – As the Islamic State (IS) is losing the battle for Mosul in Iraq and more territory in Syria the group has seemingly reverted to more traditional acts of terror, most likely out of desperation. Since mid-October, the operation to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul by American special forces, Iraqi military, and […]

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BBC Just Used the Islamic State’s Website as a Source. But Why?

(GPA) al-Qaim, Iraq – Jets carrying out air strikes missed an Islamic State target and instead hit residential buildings. Dozens of people including women and children are assumed to have been killed. Witnesses believe the strike was aiming for a Mosque frequently used by IS as a headquarters, but missed and instead hit residential buildings. It is likely […]

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Report: Bombing Muslim Countries Results in More Attacks at Home

(GPA) According to a report from the European Counter Terrorism Centre (ECTC), European countries who are taking part in the US-led coalition against ISIS are more likely to suffer terrorist attacks at home– and the trend is expected to rise. France ranked especially high on the list; Belgium, Germany, and the UK are also particularly susceptible to attacks. Ultimately […]

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Turkey to Complete Wall on Border With Syria by Early 2017

(GPA) Ankara – Turkish authorities have released a statement that a wall to seal off the border with Islamic State (IS) controlled northern Syria is expected to be completed by late February. Turkey has long been under pressure by their NATO allies to do more to seal off their border with northern Syria to halt […]

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US and Turkey Work Out Plan for Occupying Raqqa

(GPA) Syria – The United States and Turkish government have made an announcement on Sunday outlining their plans to “seize, hold and govern” the Islamic State (IS) capital city, Raqqa in northern Syria. The Department of Defense published news on their site yesterday of a meeting in Ankara, Turkey between US Marine Corps Gen. Joseph […]

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u.s. war crimes

Criminal Investigation Opened Against U.S. War Crimes In Afghanistan

(GPA) Prosecutors at the International Criminal Court are reportedly ready to open a thorough investigation against the U.S. war crimes and human rights abuses committed in Afghanistan between 2002 and 2005. The investigation is expected to begin before the end of this year but will conveniently follow next week’s U.S. presidential election. This will be […]

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ISIS Flees Mosul, Leaves Behind Saudi And Turkish Weapons

(GPA) Mosul – The Islamic State (IS) is losing more territory around Mosul each day. As the Shia militias aiding the Iraqi army clean up the area, they’re discovering what many suspected all along, the weapons IS were using to maintain their stronghold were supplied by some of the United States’ closest partners in the […]

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Amnesty Report: US Coalition Guilty of War Crimes in Syria

(GPA) London – Amnesty International (AI) has released a new report that studied a handful of airstrikes carried out by the US led coalition in Syria. The report painted a picture of coalition strikes similar to the the accusation that western media has been leveling at Russia and Syria in the past year. Full investigations […]

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