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ISIS Exploited Program to Get Medical Treatment in Italy and Turkey

ISIS IN ACTION British daily newspaper The Guardian reported on 28 April that since late 2015, several Islamic State (ISIS) fighters may have infiltrated Italy disguised as wounded Libyan fighters. The paper quotes an Italian intelligence document which claims ISIS fighters took advantage of a scheme called the Comitato Assistenza Feriti Libici (Centre for the […]

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Libyan Opposition Attempts Another “Coup” in Tripoli

(GPA) Tripoli – Prime Minister of the rival National Salvation Government, Khalifa Ghwell has attempted another “coup” in Tripoli today. Although reports could not be independently confirmed, NSG sources state that Ghwell has seized control of the defense ministry and other “state institutions.” So what’s happening? Let’s back up a bit… Just days prior to this General Khalifa Haftar of […]

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John Kerry & Boris Johnson Host Meeting to Formulate ‘Economic Roadmap’ for Libya

ISIS IN ACTION The al-Bunyan al-Marsus spokesperson said last week that the last ISIS-held stronghold in Sirte (al-Jiza al-Bahriya) in which ISIS and BM forces are now fighting, is less than one square kilometre in area. On 31 October, BM forces made further advances into this area. BM forces are also undertaking significant mine clearance missions […]