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Bitter in Aleppo Defeat, US and EU Seek to Further Demonize Russia

(SCF) Aleppo – As Russian forces help liberate the Syrian city of Aleppo this week from a four-year terrorist siege, Washington and Europe step up threats of cyber war and economic aggression with sanctions. That’s no coincidence. It is the response of accomplices bitter in defeat. Perverse isn’t it? Instead of celebrating with the people […]

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EU Refuses to Pay for Damage They’ve Caused in Syria

(GPA) Brussels – In several European Union (EU) documents released this week, as well as in statements by EU officials it has been revealed that money won’t be coming from Brussels to rebuild Syria unless a western favored deal is struck. The EU has apparently decided against helping to repair the damage they’re in part […]

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ISIS Beheads a Family of Four in Libya; LNA Seeks Russian Support

ISIS IN ACTION On 25 November, four members of a single family were beheaded in their house in Khoms, with graffiti left behind claiming ISIS was responsible. The motive and perpetrators of the attack are unknown, but locals say that the family belongs to a branch of Salafism whose members have had an active role fighting […]

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European Parliament Votes to Halt Talks on Turkey’s Membership in EU

(GPA) Strasbourg – The European Parliament held a symbolic vote on Thursday that called to freeze the process of accession of Turkey in to the European Union (EU). The vote is not binding but may be a good survey of EU member states’ feelings on continuing the negotiations.   Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from all […]

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Russian Ships ‘Chase Off’ Dutch Submarine in Mediterranean

(GPA) Syria – The Russian battle group operating near the Syrian port of Latakia claims to have chased a Dutch observation submarine away earlier today. The Dutch military has said in a statement they have no comment on the alleged incident except one Defense Minister who said it was unwise “to go along with the […]