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Yemenis Protest 2 Years of Saudi Aggression as Famine Looms

Sana’a, Yemen (GPA) – Rights groups warn the US and UK that their continued support for the Saudi-led violence in Yemen will lead to a famine in mere months. Meanwhile, Yemenis on the ground take to the streets to protest 2 full years of Saudi aggression. Increasing Weapons to Saudi Arabia The Obama administration was no […]

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Deployment of US Troops to Worsen Situation in Syria: US Analyst

Tehran, Iran (Tasnim) – A California-based political analyst denounced a recent move by Washington to send additional forces to Syria to allegedly accelerate the defeat of the foreign-backed Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) terrorist group, saying the deployment will “worsen the situation” in the Arab country. “This is a very negative development indicating the US has […]

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US Troops to Arrive in Poland in April to ‘Combat Russian Aggression’

Washington (GPA) – As hearings about Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia take place in the US Senate, the US is making plans to move more troops to Poland in the next month. The arrival of more US troops moving to the Polish border with Russia was confirmed this week by the battlegroup commander Army Lt. […]

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41 Killed in US Attack on Syrian Mosque

Aleppo, Syria (teleSUR) “It was right after prayers at a time when there are usually religious lessons for men in it,” one witness told AFP. On Thursday the U.S. government confirmed that it carried out an airstrike in Syria which, according to AFP, struck a mosque killing 46 civilians. A spokesperson for U.S. Central Command […]

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Abby Martin Exposes Steve Bannon

Washington D.C. (MR) From his Wall Street roots and apocalyptic film career to his cultivation of alt-right bigots at Breitbart News, Abby Martin exposes Bannon’s true character in this explosive documentary. A familiar name to some and a new one to others, Steve Bannon is a right wing ideologue who should not be ignored. With […]

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Trump Loosens Obama’s Lax Drone War Checks, Giving Power to CIA

Washington D.C. (teleSUR) Trump has already started to reverse many of Obama’s policies that weakly curtailed abuse in operating drones. The lax checks on former U.S. President Barack Obama’s drone war have become even worse as Donald Trump’s administration has handed power over to the CIA to carry out the targeted strikes without White House […]

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NYT Reporting on Trump’s Budget Outline Is Seriously Confused

New York (GPA) – News for the New York Times: Donald Trump and Paul Ryan are not political philosophers. Apparently the paper is confused on this issue, since it headlined a front-page piece on the budget, “Trump Budget Sets Up Clash Over Ideology Within GOP” (2/27/17). The article lays out this case in the fourth program: [Trump] also […]

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US Contemplates Attack Against North Korea

Washington (SCF) – The fact that the White House is seriously weighing the option of using military force against North Korea is an obvious deviation from what President Donald Trump said during the election campaign. He promised that the US would keep away from local conflicts. According to him, Iran was the main geopolitical foe. Now, this concept […]

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Op-Ed: Why the Trump-Putin ‘Bromance’ is a Farce

United States (GPA) – As Jeff Sessions becomes the latest victim of the establishment witch hunt for Russian influence, the one question nobody seems to be asking is ‘what exactly has Trump done for Putin?’ Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the latest victim of the neo-Mcarthyism sweeping through Washington. The accusations leveled against him are […]

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Excluding Iraq From the Travel Ban Proves it was Never About “Terrorism”

Washington DC (GPA) Donald Trump is expected to reveal his new executive order on immigration today. The birthplace of ISIS– Iraq– is expected to be removed from the list. This makes true intentions behind the travel ban ever more clear: it was never about religion or terrorism, it’s only about power. All Countries on the List Have Muslim-Majority, But Not […]

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