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Iran Bans Use of Cryptocurrency for Fear of US Sanctions

Tehran (GPA) – Iranian financial institutions are prohibited from buying, selling, or promoting cryptocurrencies. Iran has banned the use of cryptocurrencies by the country’s financial institutions after the government decided to put in place measures to combat money-laundering, the state news agency IRNA said. “Banks and credit institutions and currency exchanges should avoid any sale or purchase of […]

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Venezuela: Petro Reaches $5 Billion in Pre-Sales

Caracas (teleSUR) – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said the Petro had strengthened the country’s international reserves. The Petro, the world’s first national cryptocurrency based on natural resources, has generated sales over five billion dollars during its pre-sale period and has recorded over 186,000 certified purchases. The sale of the Petro has also significantly strengthened the country’s foreign reserves amid increased international aggression. The announcement of the continued […]

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