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Libyan National Sentenced to 22 Years in US Prison for Role in 2012 Benghazi Attack

ISIS IN ACTION On 28 June, airstrikes targeting Benghazi Defence Brigade (BDB) and ISIS locations were reported near Bani Walid. At the time of writing it is unclear if it was either of the two groups or an amalgamation of forces fleeing the Oil Crescent after participating in Ibrahim Jadhran’s assault on the oil facilities. […]

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US Forces Capture Man in Libya Allegedly Connected to Benghazi Attack

ISIS IN ACTION An attack on the ‘Tisan’ checkpoint 60km south of Ajdabiya on 25 October killed at least 3 Libyan National Army (LNA) fighters and left another two injured. The ISIS Amaq news agency released a statement taking responsibility for the attack. Survivors report that the assailants arrived in 7 vehicles and set the […]

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