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US Turns World War III Ambitions Towards Ukraine as Syria Plans Unravel

Moscow (SCF) – The United States Government is now treating Ukraine as if it were a NATO member, and on September 27th donated to Ukraine two warships for use against Russia. This is the latest indication that the U.S. is switching to Ukraine as the locale to start World War III, and from which the nuclear war is to […]

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UK Has Sold $1bn of Weapons to Turkey Since Coup Attempt

London (MEE) – Theresa May is set to roll out the red carpet for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan this weekend, as new figures reveal that Britain has sold more than $1bn of weapons to Ankara since the failed 2016 coup and subsequent crackdown under emergency powers, Middle East Eye can reveal. Turkey remains a “priority market” for […]

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Former Netanyahu Aide Turns State’s Witness in (Both) Corruption Cases

Tel Aviv (GPA) – Former Netanyahu Aide, Ari Harow, has turned state’s witness in two bribery cases against the current Israeli Prime Minister. Harow has agreed to cooperate with Israeli prosecutors in the ongoing corruption investigations as a part of his own plea bargain.  Although Netanyahu dismissed this latest development in a Facebook video, calling it “the scandal of the […]

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U.K. Weapons Export Head Warned Ministers to Stop Sales to Saudis

London (GPA) – In the first day of testimony in the U.K.’s high court hearings on arms sales to Saudi Arabia, it’s been shown that many of Britain’s top civil servants warned the government to at least freeze sales. Today in England’s high court, emails were reviewed from civil servants such as the head of […]

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New Poll Shows 2/3 of Brits Want Leaders to Stop Arming Saudis

London (GPA) – Just days before a U.K. high court is set to review the country’s sales of weapons to Saudi Arabia, a new poll has shown that a majority of citizens oppose it. In a survey conducted over the last few days by British polling group Opinium, it was found that nearly sixty two […]

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Heckler & Koch Will Stop Arming ‘Undemocratic and Corrupt’ Countries

(GPA) Oberndorf, Germany – German arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch has announced they’ll no longer be supplying weapons to countries they deem “undemocratic and corrupt,” many of the countries that fit this criteria are US allies. The primary countries who will lose access to the variety of pistols, rifles and submachine guns produced by the […]

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