Al Mokha, Yemen – (GPAAfter a successful week for Ansarullah forces, Saudi Arabia launched a brutal retaliation “scorched Earth” campaign. But resistance forces won’t back down.

Houthi Forces Launch Offensives

Last week, Ansarullah (Yemeni and Houthi) forces successfully hit a military base in Riyadh with a ballistic missile which they followed up with an announcement that more advanced missile technology is in the works. Promising Saudi Arabia similar offensives in the future. It is even rumored that Ansarullah is working on building or acquiring drones.

Since then, Houthi forces have even successfully ambushed Saudi troops in towns across the border mostly in the Jizan region of Saudi Arabia. Killing scores of Saudi fighters and causing remaining fighters to flee.

Houthis also launched a counter-offensive to retake the coastal city of al Mokha last week. Saudi-coalition forces pushed Houthi forces out of al Mokha at the end of last month. 

Saudi Terror

Over the weekend, Saudi Arabia launched a brutal retaliation campaign to slow down Houthi counter-offensives. Essentially applying scorched Earth tactics, Saudi-coalition mercenaries launched a ground offensive while warplanes attacked coastal cities. They likely hoped to cut-off any Houthi supply lines.

Saudis hit the small town of al Mokha along the northwestern coast specifically hard with about 1,000 airstrikes just this week (1,500 this month) according to local sources.  A family of 6 lost their lives. Al Mokha is only about 3 square miles. Some 30,000 people in the city are in dire need of food, water, and medical supplies.

Despite warnings from aid agencies and the UN, Saudis also launched a similar campaign in Hodeidah– a coastal city with a densely-packed population. Instead of cancelling the air campaign, the Saudi-coalition instead decided to just warn citizens to stay indoors.

Saudis also targeted another half dozen or so smaller cities with airstrikes.

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Houthis Fight Back

In just the past 24 hours, Houthi forces have made it clear they will continue to fight back against Saudi terror. Despite aggressive Saudi airstrikes, Houthi forces have secured control of several towns throughout Hodeidah.

Ansarullah fighters have also used the renewed fighting as an opportunity to drive Saudi-backed fighters out of other pockets throughout northwestern Yemen.

Houthis also wasted no time launching a counter-offensive in al Mokha. Ansarullah launched a missile at Saudi military positions just 2 hours after losing the city to Saudi-backed control. Several Emirate and Sudanese troops fighting on behalf of Saudi Arabia were killed.

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Saudi Arabia as the Clear Aggressor

This week really highlights the difference in tactics between Ansarullah (Houthi) and the Saudi-coalition. Despite warnings from the international community and public outcry, the Saudi coalition has no problem specifically targeting civilian infrastructure, putting civilian lives at risk, and causing humanitarian disasters. In fact, that’s likely part of their strategy.

Ansarullah on the other hand targets Saudi military positions. Search the internet, and you’ll see it’s hard to find any independent records of civilians killed by Houthi forces. Saudi Arabian outlets and western outlets like al Jazeera are quick to report civilian casualties but these figures usually can’t be verified beyond Saudi state-run news outlets.

Some 10,000 people have lost their lives since fighting erupted in Yemen in 2015. The UN now worries that the conflict around Yemen’s densely-packed population centers could trigger a humanitarian crisis. They also stressed the need for possibly civilian evacuation.

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